Jade's Gone!!!

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andy-hughes | 22:47 Wed 06th Dec 2017 | Media & TV
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Sid, what are you thinking of????

How could you let those eyes not entrance you across the boardroom table?

How could you let those hips shimmy out the door??

What were you thinking of man!!!!!!!!!


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Are... are you OK?
Who's Jade ... and who's 'Sid'?
Form an orderly queue behind James.
Jade ???
Who's James?
Sid was told about gas shares.
Sid James !
Loved him^. :o)

Thought OP had found a type of strong bitter.
Oh well........ ;-)
I see what you mean andy, i have just seen a picture, You are right!
Just had a thought Andy, you are risking it a bit aren't you in this day and age, commenting a woman's dare I say, sexiness?
I don't think 'Phwoarrr!' said from the comfort of your sofa whilst watching telly has quite been outlawed yet.
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Anyone who cares on here probably knows me well enough to know that there is a side of my character that is as shallow as a puddle, and it consists of adoring attractive ladies on tv, film, or in print, and then forgetting about them two minutes later, or when they destroy my image of them by changing their hair or something like that.

It means nothing, at all.

I save my serious attention for real women ... like gness!!

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Jade's Gone!!!

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