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Last Night On Bbc Tv Simon Reeves, In Russia

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trt | 13:51 Mon 09th Oct 2017 | Film, Media & TV
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His documentaries, always seem to amaze me, with some of the places and people he meets, and you can learn so much.


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I've never missed any of his excellent presenter.
I'm really enjoying the current series as I've been all over the Soviet Union (as it was at the time) on several occasions.
However, I do think he "wimped out" on Sunday's show, by going in Spring...there's nothing like walking/driving on frozen Lake Baikal in mid-winter at less than -40C!
I'm sure I'm in a minority but he leaves me, er, cold.

No reason in particular.
yes not keen on him myself but very interest in russia i too went there although this side of the Urals in 1968
trt I think this is the best series he has done so far and I loved it. Some of the facts and figures Simon gave out were mind blowing, Russia being home to a quarter of all the trees on earth for instance. Having said that it is a ruddy great big place.
Agree with Douglas, interesting but there's something missing. Enjoyed his Argentina far more....

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Last Night On Bbc Tv Simon Reeves, In Russia

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