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What Tv Do You Plan To Be Watching On Christmas Day?

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AB Editor | 13:04 Mon 21st Dec 2015 | Film, Media & TV
21 Answers
There's a few options suggested by the radio times:

Doctor Who, 5:15pm, BBC1
Strictly Come Dancing, 6:15pm, BBC1
Call the Midwife, 7:30pm, BBC1
Gogglesprogs, 8:00pm, Channel 4
Downton Abbey, 8:45pm, ITV
Darcey's Ballet Heroes, 8:50pm, BBC2
Mrs Brown's Boys, 9:45pm, BBC1
Michael McIntyre's Big Christmas Show, 10:25pm, BBC1

I think I'll give most of that a miss except maybe Dr Who - which has been weak recently anyway.

Hopefully my book list made it to Santa!

What do you fancy this Christmas day?

What will you be doing counter programming wise? A DVD maybe?


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I'm planning on watching the TV in my parents' house.
Ive only got Call the Midwife
think Xmas day is the one day of the year we get a respite from the telly! Mini Boo will more than likely want to watch Dr Who on Catch up, but other than that, there's nowt on your list that'll make me switch the box on.
Merry Christmas Ab Editor and your team. I'll be watching 3 from that list, others in our house might have other ideas though.
Call the Midwife.....Downton......Mrs Brown's Boys......and that's it for me....

DVD...some musicals.....Les Mis ...again....It's a Wonderful Life....again..☺

I shall probably spend some of Christmas Day icing the cake and finishing the Christmas teacosy.......x
No time. Head chef,Father Christmas and Grand daughters entertainer when their Mum and Dad have zonked out. Hope I see Downton though. Probably the last. :-(
Won't watch any TV Christmas Day or night - we have all the family round in the evening, and about twenty of us play games and have a riot.

Will record Downton and Strictly for the present Mrs Hughes to watch when the dust settles.
nothing on for me ill be on netflix the whole time.same load of crap every year on tv at xmas
Queens Christmas message at 3 pm.Apart from that the TV stays off for Christmas.
I don't know yet, have to get the aerial fixed on Wednesday first.
I'm planning to be watching an excited toddler running from room to room.
i will be to busy playing with my gorgeous grandchildren to even think about tv !
Merry Christmas to you all x
Going to work, so not even bothering to look at the schedule!
I have reluctantly allowed a television set in the servants' hall on a pre-payment electricity meter, but I refuse to have one of those contraptions above stairs.
possibly Dr Who - definitely Mrs Browns Boys, you can stick the others in the turkeys you know what.
Of the ones listed - Dr Who, Midwife and Strictly then will mooch the channels for other stuff.

None, if I can possibly avoid it, it really is carp for the next couple of weeks.
I hope to see Mrs Brown's Boy and Corrie!! The rest of the time we are playing games etc.
Will watch Doctor Who (though it's been annoying me recently - bring back Tom Baker!) and Strictly, but nothing else on that list.
Thankfully, all the presents I'm expecting are DVDs so I should have plenty to feast on.
I might try playing some games, won't do Twister again this year though it was New Year's Eve when they found me tangled in a heap last year.

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