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Off Their Rockers

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hc4361 | 11:12 Mon 02nd Mar 2015 | Film, Media & TV
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It is all set up - isn't it?


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In my opinion, no. Two of the "olduns" were interviewed the other day and confirmed, to me, anyway that the young people know nothing until it is revealed to them that it's a joke.

Think back to programs like, Candid Camera, etc. I don't think the reactions can be faked.
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The camera seems too steady and the people too nice. I'd like to see the out takes where they're told to F off.
Obviously they film loads and choose the best.
I have always wondered how we can hear the people talking even when the old persons have done their stunt, and gone.

As in other real life programmes like, 24 hours in A&E the people you hear talking in the waiting area are all miked up.
Most of them are either sitting on a bench or some place where a microphone could be hidden. That solves that problem, trt.
I love this programme.
I can't watch it, I find it cringeworthy.

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Off Their Rockers

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