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Anngel123 | 08:04 Tue 06th Aug 2013 | Film, Media & TV
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I have been watching this sterling programme for over 40 years. It is my opinion that Bamber would be turning in his grave. The time given for discussion, when the contestants have NO IDEA of the answer is just ridiculous. Shown last week to best effect when the winning team ended on a magnificent score of 300 because the KNEW THE ANSWERS or had a really fast discussion and gave them quickly. They really need to instigate a timed reply because it is getting ridiculous. Or, maybe there is a time and it is too long. Anyone else noticed this, or is it mine and my hubbies imagination? I can't see anywhere on the University Challenge website to give a comment. If anyone knows one....I will comment.


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I doubt Bamber is turning in his grave- last I heard he is alive.
I think that Paxo is doing a very good job on UC. I especially like the way he sneers at these well educated, but sometime thick young people, when they have no idea about really quite ordinary and easy questions.

On the timing, I'm not so sure. If the competitors seem to be getting somewhere, its only fair that Paxo gives them a few more seconds to answer. But I would agree that sometimes its pretty obvious that they are entirely at sea.
IWhat annoys me about Paxman is that he's very quick to show his distain when there's a daft answer in an area of his expertise but I've seen him accept some very dumb answers on scientific topics where he really doesn't understand.

Has me shouting at the TV
Mikey, I wouldn't say any of the contestants are thick.

Jake, How can he accept dumb answers? He has the correct answers on a card in front of him.
Naomi...I have been watching UC for as long as I can remember, and while most of the Teams, like last nights for instance, are quite brilliant, some show very little understanding of ordinary facts, like who was on which side in WW2. Or don't know who Harold Wilson was....things like that.
Poor old Bamber. I hope he doesn't look in here.
Easy questions last night. I wished I lived with someone so they could see how clever I am.
Mikey, but the same applies to everyone. What’s an ordinary fact to one is not necessarily an ordinary fact to another. There are probably quite a lot of young people who aren’t interested in politics or history who don’t know who Harold Wilson was. He wasn’t a man of their time. Being educated doesn’t mean knowing everything in every area.

To answer the question, none of them know if another team member has an inkling of an answer, so it’s reasonable to give them a bit of time to deliberate.
// What annoys me about Paxman is that he's very quick to show his distain when there's a daft answer in an area of his expertise //

I've got to admit that irritates the bejeezus out of me too. He'll say 'No, it was Harold MacMillan', in an incredulous tone that's got the subtext of 'you complete ignoramus' written all over it. Smug tw4t.
Haaaaa! I like him. Being a smug tw4t makes him who is he. :o)
I think they do have too long to discuss, especially at the beginning of the program.

Paxo may have the answer in front of him but it would still help if he understood the questions and answers a bit better. For example, I remember a mathematical question a few years ago, to which the team gave a correct answer of "unity" which he did not accept, saying the answer was 1.

I imagine the time goes up when the other team are being hammered.
It is after all a game, and the best one is when they are neck and neck
To be fair, he can only go by the answer in front of him. As I said no one knows everything - including Paxman - even if he thinks he does. ;o)
// Being a smug tw4t makes him who is he. //

Maybe. I find him a bit self important. Like when they made him read the weather out on newsnight and he sulked about it, doing it in a deliberately dismissive style - 'I'm THE Jeremy Paxman for god's sake - this is beneath my dignity'. Grow up man. Either do it properly, or refuse to do it at all.
Perhaps they should have the question setters ready to shout in his ear to confirm if he should accept an answer that differs slightly from what is on the card, but is still correct.
Yes, they should.
if questions were framed properly there'd be no room for ambiguity in the answers.
Bamber made being a nerdy swat almost endearing and enjoyable to watch. Paxman is a sneering patronising boor when your knowledge is short in politics and history and a huffing eejit when its maths or science.

In terms of the OP, I haven't noticed any extended time lapse changes particulalry.
when I was almost on it - o god 1971 -
Bamber who used to mince around in kangaroo skin shoes - would look up the answers - which is kinda why he seemed to know everything.

I am not sure if he had an ear piece (yes) and whether he was told - yes take or no dont.

We had a miss-score and that gave them the excuse of doing the whole lot again the next week.
I think I'm still bound by a contract not to discuss the filming and production process. Anyway, most of the suggestions people make are already done, to some extent.

As to accepting "dumb" answers. I don't think that's ever happens, but certainly there are ties when Paxo has accepted answers that are "wrong", or too vague.

And Mikey, do you really think that a 30-minute show is a fair reflection of these people's knowledge? I can tell you from experience that there are many things that I know that I could not recall, for whatever reason -- or even, that I recalled but did not say. It's completely unfair and totally wrong to judge people based on a high-octane quiz show -- at least, until you have had a go at one yourself.

Oh previously they neva had science questions.

and we asked Bambi why - and he said whenever I put one in, no one knows the answer..... and we said. if you put more in.....

he didnt

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