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Anngel123 | 08:04 Tue 06th Aug 2013 | Film, Media & TV
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I have been watching this sterling programme for over 40 years. It is my opinion that Bamber would be turning in his grave. The time given for discussion, when the contestants have NO IDEA of the answer is just ridiculous. Shown last week to best effect when the winning team ended on a magnificent score of 300 because the KNEW THE ANSWERS or had a really fast discussion and gave them quickly. They really need to instigate a timed reply because it is getting ridiculous. Or, maybe there is a time and it is too long. Anyone else noticed this, or is it mine and my hubbies imagination? I can't see anywhere on the University Challenge website to give a comment. If anyone knows one....I will comment.


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Oh jim dont be coy - I was on the T+t Hall v O U team
Can't accept this talk about Paxo. I think he is one of the BBC's greatest assets, vying with Humphries in the order of importance. The memory of the time he kept asking Michael Howard the same question will never fade.

More Paxo please !
PP...not sure what T+t means ( excuse my ignorance ! )

I know it was a long time ago but can we see you on youtube or the iplayer perhaps ?
I think the Paxo arrogance thing is -- well, to some extent it's an act, but he's probably like most people in that he expects everyone to know what he does. When he doesn't know something he can be fairly humble about it. I thought he was a nice chap.
// vying with Humphries in the order of importance //

Oh please don't get me started on Humphrys. He might be alright if he ever let anyone finish a sentence, but unfortunately he never does.
At least Paxman does that.
Both Paxman and Humphrys need to come down from up their own bottoms
and take lessons off Eddie Mair or Peter Allen on how to conduct an effective political interview, that isn't just about themselves.

Apologies to Anngel123 for veering wildly off topic.
Paxo and Humphries are saints in my book ! Eddie Mair is pretty good as well of course. Broadcasting House on a Sunday morning hasn't been the same without him.
i LOVE peter allen - the work curmudgeonly was made for him :) I also love paxo
-- answer removed --
I like Jeremy Paxman- he's been part of my life for as long as I can remember, being forced to watch a plethora of programmes which he presented as part of my education (particularly University Challenge). His books are quite good too. As for the question I can't really comment since I've not been watching it long enough and I'm not old enough to remember Bamber Gasgoinge.
Charlie Brooker said if he was put in charge of the BBC he'd 'actually let Paxman hit people' which is pretty funny :)
Oh I adore Eddie Mair
Surely if you're in the lead, it makes sense, if a bit of gamesmanship, to take as long as possible to answer the questions.
Faced with a choice between a disdainful Jeremy Paxman and a fawning Lottery quiz presenter drooling over a contestant who has just correctly identified London as the capital of England, give me Paxman any day.
Last night all eight contestants failed to recognise Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony. That was shocking ...
I agree ellipsis but if the question had been about some mediocre pop group, than everybody would have been bouncing up and down. Some the questions of UC have gone down market of late, so it was nice to hear some Beethoven for a change.
Jeremy Paxman is brilliant (and I think he's mellowed a lot since he started doing UC). Thank heavens he's about, and John Humphreys come to that, at least it shows there are some intellectuals left in the media. I was also shocked not one of them recognised Beethoven last night.
Well, I enjoy it, warts and all and score myself on opening questions and then the follow up ones

Being on TV with the cameras rolling is a very different experience than acting normally, believe me, and the brain can easily fail.......Go and try it!
Usually the contestants do better on classical music than pop in my experience so the Pastoral Symphony thing was a bit of a surprise but hardly disgraceful.
Paxo lives up to his name - needs stuffing!

I don't see any increasing/decreasing trend in these delayed answers. Paxo gets to use the "got to hurry you" catchphrase quite often but not every single episode.

naomi24 >> // Being a smug tw4t makes him who is he. //

Ludwig >> //Maybe. I find him a bit self important. Like when they made him read the weather out on newsnight and he sulked about it, doing it in a deliberately dismissive style - 'I'm THE Jeremy Paxman for god's sake - this is beneath my dignity'. Grow up man. Either do it properly, or refuse to do it at all. //

I saw that and, IMHO, it was self-parody. He was sending up his entire image of self-importance. Made me laugh, anyway.

Eddie Mair is great at going for the jugular but in the most calm, relaxed and polite tone of voice, which always amuses me. Not every interviewee has done something bad to be called out on though so, for the rest of the time, he's only as good as any other host would be.

Emily Maitliss can be deadpan serious for the entire programme and then come out with a one-liner to remind us that she's a joker, deep down.

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