What happen on X Factor last night.

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silliemillie | 20:06 Sun 14th Oct 2012 | Media & TV
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I missed X Factor last night so watched it on Plus 1.

Towards the end it kept cutting out with the message 'Due to legal reasons we cannot show earler footage' or something like that.

Did something happen on the live show they cut out later?



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The only thing I can think of, was Dermot apologising for Tulisa's "bad language".
oooooh you really don't want to know the answer to that ......
I didn't watch it, but i read that Tulisa called Melanie a MILF.
Lol. She did. They cut it out for being inappropriate.

GILF would have been much more suited... ;-)
B00 - you missed a right treat from Rylan!
He irritates me bluestone, all that blubbering!
What's MILF?
What's GILF?
mother id like to errrrr fondle Naomi :P
and swap the mother for grandmother for a GILF
Question Author
Oooh Mick i so do!! LOL!

Thanks guys, that must have been it, bit silly cutting it out, I am an adult & have heard worse on TV (and in real life!)
Ohhhh .... thanks B00. I'm hopeless with these funny initials. :o/
Oh yeah, the blubbering is ridiculous B00. In all that sobbing, I think he may have managed to squeeze out a couple of tears.
He is definitely entertaining though!

Silliemillie - Yeah, but it's a family show and it's a bit awkward if your child starts asking what a MILF is.
From what Id read though Bluestone she made the MILF comment at 1030pm? What small child would still be up watching it then?
//bit awkward if your child starts asking what a MILF is. //

Ha ha! Never mind the children - I'VE just asked what it is! :o)
Oh really? Didn't realise it was that late. (My kids weren't watching it - they hate it) I suppose it's because they do market it as a family show, but yes, I agree that's way too late for young kids... and Naomi, obviously ;-)

"Never mind the children - I'VE just asked what it is! :o)"

Ha ha ha! :-D
I used to watch it when it was a proper contest - but it bores me to tears now ..... can't stand all the sob stories and all that overt 'for effect' emotion!!
I watched it but that must have gone over my head, which one is Melanie - the loads of blonde hair Janis Joplin wannabe?
Oh, you'd hate this series then. It's all about the sob stories and drama.
Yep, that's the one. She was booted out tonight.

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What happen on X Factor last night.

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