What happen on X Factor last night.

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silliemillie | 20:06 Sun 14th Oct 2012 | Media & TV
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I missed X Factor last night so watched it on Plus 1.

Towards the end it kept cutting out with the message 'Due to legal reasons we cannot show earler footage' or something like that.

Did something happen on the live show they cut out later?



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Bluestone, I know. I saw a bit of it on Saturday - a very short bit. ;o)
Ha! Busted!

I have to admit I've NEVER watched the X Factor and NEVER watched Strictly and I do most sincerely believe my life has been enhanced as a result!
I read yesterday that some of Rylans performace was not repeated due to copyright, think he changed some of the lyrics or something.
I have to fess up...I rather like ol Rylan...entertaining and amusing if not a brill sinirit !
They are doing well this series, managed to dump two of the best singers in the first two weeks IMO.
Louis prevarication last week was criminal.
Can't say I'll miss it when I'm away this year.

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What happen on X Factor last night.

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