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Breast is best

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roxie_09 | 22:20 Wed 14th Dec 2011 | Film, Media & TV
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Watching this on tv and there's a woman still breast feeding the child that is 8. Do you agree with this or should there be a cut off age x


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Cut off age? lol It should be at least 40.
With your mum??!?!?!?!
lol No .. that's taking it a bit far : )
So this isn't a thread about turkeys then ?
Lol. That's just wrong... but totally hilarious.
Question Author
Haha flip making me laugh out loud literally lol x
I got cut off aged ten when I commented, "IMO, Mum these are big boobs that you are making for yourself."
Back to being serious now (just for a bit), I'm a bit confused. I thought milk was only produced for a certain amount of time after the baby was born?
So does it just carry on?
It carries on (usually) for as long as it's being used. The less you feed the less you produce.
Yuck. Wayy to old in my opinion....

Very good for the child breast milk- mabye ill change if i have kids but at this moment id bottle feed...

8 is just wayy to old!!!! So is 4 !!! Infact 2is aswell lol x
flip, they say "The more you suck, the more you get"

And then if you have a diet of fennulgreek, chamomile tea and up the fennel intake, roasted or in salads........

There are stories that using these techniques, starting with Domperidone, suction and the above, even some men can breast feed.

Now imagine that...

for reference

The Beeb (not the Bob) or Channel 2, sorry 4, were looking for volunteers......
the Boob.....
Ah, I see. Thankyou Ummmm :-)
"even some men can breast feed.
Now imagine that..."

Er... I'd rather not thanks, DT.

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Breast is best

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