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Amanda Knox: The Untold Story on tonight.

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ladybirder | 19:53 Tue 25th Oct 2011 | Film, Media & TV
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8.00pm Ch.5. Do you think we'll learn anything new by watching it? The blurb says it features unseen footage from the crime scene, top forensic and expert analysis. This documentary unravels the case against Amanda Knox and her former boyfriend. Hmmm do I want to see any more of AK? Not sure. Anybody going to take a look?


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Right answer woofgang.
I'd have watched it but only just seen it's on. Wonder if it's repeated.

I find it really interesting.
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Methyl ... You obviously never saw the fao thread I put up for you and JJ. The only miscarriage of justice was the release of Knox and Sollecito ...
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This will continue to split people's views and we may never know the truth. I've watched a bit of the programme and it hasn't changed my opinion, she played a part in the murder and there is something a tad evil about her.
Methyl ... I have tried to post a link to Lumumba interview but can't do it from my phone. I will post link in the morning on this thread.

I realise the prosecutor had a past but that didn't make Knox innocent, simply because she was tried by him.
I agree wholeheartedly with Prudie ...
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I completely forgot this was on and have missed it :(
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I wasn't impressed with this programme. For a start the camera man must have been on speed, the way the film was shot made me go cross-eyed. Nothing new came out of it for me and it was sensationalised as if this story wasn't bad enough. I doubt it has changed anybodies opinion of Knox's guilt or otherwise. Will we ever really know the truth? Perhaps not, Guede must know though. How can he be persuaded to tell the truth?
C5 plus 1? suezy....
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Is there such a thing DT?
I looked but couldn't find one. Am hoping my Skyplus is playing nice and has recorded it from an earlier point - it seems to do that sometimes even if I record part through.
I would do DT but my mam is watching Gok Wan on channel 4+1 heheh
Guede has named Knox and Sollecito as his accomplices...
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Well that depends.

Lumumba knew Knox better than we ever will. He was her boss. He fired her and gave her shifts to Meredith.

I will post link tomorrow.

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Amanda Knox: The Untold Story on tonight.

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