Jimmy Carr and his Father.

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anotheoldgit | 13:28 Sat 23rd Jun 2012 | Celebrity Gossip
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Not normally one for celebrity gossip, but after reading this harrowing piece from Jimmy Carr's Father I cannot fail to ask, how could a Son treat his Father with such contempt?


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I think the clue may be in the fact that none of the sons has anything to do with the father...............
You believe all that?

Jimmy's two brothers have also cut their father out of their lives. Do you not think the problem could lie with the father?
Where is it written that you have to like your relatives?

The old saying that you can choose your friends etc is very true
J.C. did get a lot of stick on 8 out of 10 cats last night, good to see him get the niss taken out of him.
It is impossible to really know what is going on within a family. Many a jolly guy who is nice to all his friends is revealed to be a violent bully to his wife and children.
wolf, you have just described my dad.
tony - there are a lot of them out there. I hope that he got caught out in the end.
He sure did wolf.
read the whole article and it does seem strange that ALL his sons have turned against him, must be a reason.
given the nature of the article I turn your question AOG, how can a father do that to a son that he (all of a sudden) seems to want a reconciliation with.

The Daily Mail at it's best!!!!
Because in the eyes of the sons, he has not deserved anything else than the treatment he's received (whatever, in truth, that is0, but we notice he's not above giving, or selling, the self-pitying sob story to the Daily Mail. That's a loving and considerate father for you.
AOG. If my Mum was asked to write an article on her role as a mother it would be glowing. How wonderful she was and always there to help me. She was anything but. I had a sad childhood and at fifteen I was attacked by her with a knife, thrown out late at night and told never to come back. Two sides I hear you say. My sin? I went on a date with a boy who was a non-Catholic.
As an adult I became more aware of the problems that caused some of her behaviour, but really she just never wanted nor liked me. Still doesn`t.
When she developed dementia some years ago I looked after her as best I could until she went into a home last year. I visit and make sure she is as well as can be but only because I love my brother and don`t want him to carry the whole burden.
When she dies I will bury her and forget I ever had a Mum because I don`t feel I have.
Think I have said this on here before and apologies if so.
I neither know nor like Jimmy Carr but things are not always as they seem.
one side of the story isn't it ?
Says it all em10, a newspaper wants a "story" but it is always just one side of it.
he sounds like a complete arse (the dad). actually....jimmy carr was pretty humble about being teased all night on 8 out of 10 cats, and repeated that he would sort his tax affairs out. i don't believe that anyone else in his shoes would have done any diffferent - money does funny things to people, and if we could all get away with paying 1% tax, we would. i for one am not afraid to admit it and think anyone else is a flaming hypocrite. i wonder just how many of david cameron's honest and upstanding party members have done exactly the same thing. we'll probably find out on the front pages of all the rags tomorrow.
Why single out Cameron and his party? The majority of fiddlers when the expenses scandal hit were Labour, not that I have any time for either party. As for Jimmy Carr, why is he attracting all the flak when Take That are (allegedly) equally guilty?
because cameron commented on it - speaking of the expenses scandal, you wouldn't ever get a labour mp claiming for a duck house for their moat. now that one really got my goat. a fecking moat....hey! that rhymes....
Perfect dad who then sold his story slating his son to the daily mail! Hmmmmmm
Cameron may well have done so, but I find that all politicians are sanctimonious pricks who advocate the "Do as I say, not as I do" school of thought.
i'm not saying they aren't, duncer. but the tories are all overly posh bar stewards with little or no concept of reality. oh - and they are busy dismantling the country again like they do every time they are in power. first it was the utilities, then council houses. now it's the nhs and whatever else they can get their grubby paws all over. oh....and robbing disabled people. now that's just about as low as anyone can go, really.

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Jimmy Carr and his Father.

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