Jimmy Carr and his Father.

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anotheoldgit | 13:28 Sat 23rd Jun 2012 | Celebrity Gossip
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Not normally one for celebrity gossip, but after reading this harrowing piece from Jimmy Carr's Father I cannot fail to ask, how could a Son treat his Father with such contempt?


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Dismantling the country bit by bit as opposed to spending our way into a debt we can never repay and taking our nation to thr brink of bankruptcy!!
Easy AOG. My dad left strict instructions that none of his three children were to be advised of his death until after his cremation. Arrogant to the last - did he imagine his only son would wish to turn up and pee on his ashes after his father left his family over twenty-five years previously and never contacted them again? Dead right I would!!!

Anyone can tell one side of any story. If I had been famous, my dad would have done the same.

Maybe you were blessed with a good man for a father - it appears that the Carr sons, and certainly myself - were not.
> how could a Son treat his Father with such contempt?

You mean, how could a father treat his sons with such contempt?

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Jimmy Carr and his Father.

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