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Hopkirk | 15:07 Mon 04th Jun 2012 | Celebrity Gossip
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I seem to remember he wasn't too well, and I haven't seem him recently.

Anyone know how he is?


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No, I hope he is ok! I was only watching repeats of him and Gryff Rhys Jones
the other day in that funny head to head sketch they used ti do.
Amazing what one finds on Google ;)
If that's him in ttfn's post, he has surely changed.
Blimey Ena, and you never let on :-)
I did have my own floristry business at one time, boxy - but not this one.
I cant find anything recent, perhaps someone else will have better luck.
All I found was that he took an overdose a few years back and has lost a lot
of weight. And he was in the news for making some comment about Billy

Nothing recent, Hi ttfn et al
Question Author
Perhaps he has simply retired to enjoy his earnings and royalties.

If so, he is a very wise man.
last time i saw him on TV he looked really ill.
He lives with a severe throat and chest illness and does very few public appearances now.
Hello Maidup, where did you find the info?
I know someone who knows someone who knows his wife Pam.

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