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megathon6 | 16:32 Mon 05th May 2008 | Law
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I just bought a house and the previous owners left a lot of junk inside (a whole garage full) it took a week of three people working on it to remove the stuff. Now the previous owners want their stuff back. I dont want them on my property for liability reasons and i want to be compensated for my time and effort it took to move their belongings not to mention the breach of contract (house was to be left in good condition ie, clear of clutter vacuumed floors exc.) I have photos of the way the house was left. Any suggestions on how I should proceed?


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Talk with your Solicitor....And explaine the situation.....
Sorry if this is going to sound unsympathetic, but why didn't you contact them to ask them to collect their belongings? Could you not contact them now?
Also I don't see how you can give them their stuff back without them coming on to your property- unless you deliver the stuff to them personally and charge them for the cost of transporting it.
Were they evicted? Why else would their stuff be still inside? Can't think of any other reason.

I certainly don't know the legal aspect of this, see reply 1, but I would have thought, if it took you 3 weeks to clear their things then that was ample time for them to contact you to collect their belongings. Did you leave them for the bin men? Take them to the dump? They have no proof really that you did anything with them, after all the house could have been emptied before you took possession.

Personally I think they've got a bloody cheek expecting you to have held onto it. I would also have expected a house ot be empty when I moved into it.

What state was it in when your viewed it?
When you bought the property your contract should say 'vacant upon completion' which means the house should be empty when you complete, any furniture etc not removed is basically yours.
If its left - then its abandoned. In law at least. Why, if they want it, was it left in the first place?

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