equity and trusts

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kooki | 16:45 Mon 05th May 2008 | Law
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analyse the very heavy burdens carried by a trustee and the methods employed by a beneficiary to obtain satisfaction upon the default of the trustee


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HI kooki

You really need to do your own course work... How are you going to survive in the legal world if you cant even do your own work....

J x

That's not a question, it's an essay subject.
I agree with the others, you really must start to use the facilities available to you. A simple Google search will reveal useful data for example /speeches/pre_2004/jl211003.htm

if you have done the search and then come up with some specific points which need clarification, then I am sure that the learned and very generous participants in this forum will help you understand those - but asking them to do the entire job for you is demonstrating little other than your own laziness.
I'm more inclined to help when a question is worded properly and politely and where the author has made some effort to tackle the problem first
I know this is repeating myself... but

Monday 12th May, 2 pm, EU law Exam, Lancashire... any takers?? I do not really want to revise for it so would someone else sit it please???

I did all my law essays myself. you need to look at the ordinary prudent man of business test and recent trustee act. You also need to look at breaches of trust and part 64 CPR, together with acquiesance and laches. Try Lewin on Trusts, Hayton and Winkley on Trusts and Snells Equity.

I could do this question standing on my head, but then I have spent a whole lifetime studying rather than asking someone else for answers!
Snells Equity.... shudder shudder...

A bible ...

Question Author
i dont even do law, itz a personal problem... now if u cant come up wid an answer.... shut up
Perhaps if you had phrased it like a personal question instead of something from a Law text book, you may have got a reply...

Personally, I will shut up...

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equity and trusts

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