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glasman | 00:38 Sat 03rd May 2008 | Law
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If a bachelor / spinster dies intestate, his /her estate is shared equally among the siblings. If, however, part of the estate is not passed on within the lifetime of said siblings, who then is entitled to ownership of that part of the estate?.


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Has the sibling died before the intestator died, or after?
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Most of the estate went to the siblings. A portion, thereof, however, did not go to them as there was a problem about rightful ownership. This was subsequently ironed out but not before the siblings had died.
It depends on the wording of the will - it will either go to the dead sibling's children, or be divided amongst the surviving siblings,

Without knowing the wording, it is impossible to say.
No will, Ethel

My understanding is it will be divided amongst the surviving siblings.
Or if they are dead it will go into their residuary estates and be divided up in accordance with their own wills or the relevant intestacy provisions.

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