It's NOT a fair cop!!!

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enigma | 13:21 Fri 06th Jul 2007 | Law
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Can anyone with a bit of sense please help me? I posted a question in Law to try and get some advice to a problem which I am having as I have been victimised by a neighbour in the past which unfairly and unbeknows to me, led to me being reported to the Procurator Fiscal for Anti Social behaviour! I was stitched up and knew nothing about this report until I was rejected for a job recently(which has since been overturned). I want justice and want to clear my name because I was a victim and do not want people thinking that I am capable of what I was accused of. The advice I got in Law was to stick my head in a bucket of cold water. I think that I am justified in feeling angry and it's not about the job anynore. I need to feel vindicated that this witch hasn't got away with this. Cany anyone PLEASE help? My dad suggested the secretary of state and involving Audit Scotland to investigate why false information was presented to the Procurator Fiscal. Will this help? It was five years ago so I may have difficulty tracing the officers involved. Although no charges were brought against me, it upsets me that it has even got to this stage as I have always prided myself on my high morals and values.


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i understand where you are coming from and like you I would want to clear my name, but you may "rock the boat" in doing so.

I would leave it to setlle for a while and ask someone in the police force how they would deal with this. get you feet firmly in and make some good friends who will be able t help as apposed to making things worse.

You rneighbour has unfortunately already won the first battle, by makling you angry. Dont give them the satisfaction. Call their bluff. If you are innocent, which I think you are, then you have nothing to worry about. If you didnt trust the judicial system then you wouldnt have joined the police. Call their bluff and laugh it off. See their face when you turn up home with your police outfit on. Im sure she will have second thoughts on making up a story and calling 2 witnessess then!

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It's NOT a fair cop!!!

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