It's NOT a fair cop!!!

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enigma | 12:05 Fri 06th Jul 2007 | Law
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I recently applied for a civillian position in my local police force and despite making it through to the final stage interview, I received a call to say that I had been rejected for the position. When I asked why, I was told that my 'personal character' section hadn't checked out in the vetting checks. Under the section on the Rehabillitation of Offenders Act, which also cites any 'official police warning' or report to the Procurator Fiscal must be disclosed, I had ticked no. I was advised that they had information to the contrary to suggest that it should have been a yes. I was utterly gobsmacked because I have never been in trouble with the police in my life - or so I thought.

After a bit of digging and contacting the Data Protection officer , I had a call back to overturn the initial decision and offer me a position. I asked what the problem had been but was told that it didn't matter because I had been offered the job. It DOES matter though because my integrity has been called into question and my good name has been sullied. After more digging, I discovered that I was subject to a report to the Procurator Fiscal about five years ago when an ex neighbour claimed that I had allegedly threatened to stab her four year old son. I did not I may add. (Continued in next box)


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This evil woman has stitched me up. She walked past me the day before and said to me "All I need is two witnessess and I can get you charged with whatever I want" The following day, as I returned from taking my daughter to a birthday party, I had the police at my door shouting at me and threatening to arrest me! This woman had done this out of revenge as I suffered at her hands with her anti social behaviour and I continually reported her to the police for many serious incidents - including threatening to stab my daughter and (then) unborn child. Her (then) boyfriend also reversed his car at my daughter and I at high speed and narrowly missed us and yet I am subject to a report to the PF! I want this false report quashed and I want to report the officer who reported me ,as he left my house telling me that he had checked the background, interviewed my neighbours who verified my story and he told me that he had cautioned this woman and her 'witnesses' that if any further reports were received, they woull all be lifted and charged with a Breach of the peace - NOT that he was reporting ME! I am so gutted about this as I pride myself on my good character and I feel that this has sullied my good name. Furthermore, it will flag up again in the future if I apply for similar positions. Can someone please help me? Apologies for the huge rant.
Yes. Go and stick your head in a bucket of cold water for fifteen minutes. You've got the job, look forward not back to that rubbish. Turn up in that frame of mind and you'll get the well deserved sack on the spot.
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I asked if someone could help Mustafa. Your answer doesn't help i'm afraid. Yes, I got the job but my good name has been called into question and did you not read the part where I said that I was initially rejected for the post? It was only because I did so much digging that I discovered this had flagged up in the first instance and you honestly believe that me being accused at eight and a half months pregnant, of threatening to stab a four year old child , which is a complete tissure of lies, warrants a report to the Procurator Fiscal - despite the fact that the attending officer gave me his 'deepest sympathy' and alleged that he had advised my neighbour to desist from this threatening behaviour or she would be arrested?

I did not say that I would turn up to the job in this frame of mind, I had no intention of mentioning it in my capacity as an employee. I want to have this decision overturned prior to that and having my name cleared means more to me than this job now. Can you not see that? I have been wronged and I deserve to have my name cleared. This evil witch turned our lovely, peaceful little cul-de-sac into an area reminiscent of war torn Bosnia with the havoc she wreaked. When her boyfriend left her, she couldn't afford to keep up the payments on her house and so went crazy because she knew that she was going to be turfed out. So we were treated to scores of teenage neds frequenting her house for late night raves, bottles being launched at innocent passers by, menacing behaviour, actual bodily harm (my husband was assaulted), my young daughter being threatened with being stabbed when she went out to play, her psycho boyfriend trying to run me down every time he saw me, me having to run down the street dialling 999 at eight months pregnant because I was being chased by her and a crowd of her little ned followers trying to assault me.

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Need I go on? I want to clear my name because it will flag up for any subsequent positions and I may be rejected again.
Bug*er me, you got the job, who cares what an old witch said about you.
I would feel the exact same as you enigma if this happened to me esp after you have explained what this stupid tart put you all through. It's bloody disgusting and just because you have now got the job this shouldn't just be swept under the carpet. Someone has not done their job and something needs to be done about it, as per usual the good get ****** on from a big height and your expected to just take it with a stiff upper lip.
I would get down to the CAB and seek advice and no I wouldn't let it lie, because of someone's incompetence the real villian has got away with it again.
I take it she has moved away from you all now?
It is just not possible to wipe the slate clean, enigma. Once this sort of stuff gets into writing and onto official records it is like a particularly sticky treacle and disconnected bits of it remain forever. However, your personal conduct in the future will serve your purpose to the greatest advantage and is the eraser that you are looking for, so go into the new job with head held high determined to do your very best and be honest and upright and that will do what you want. I speak from harsh experience, I am the retired chairman of an international company employing 19000 people, and working my way up from the very bottom incurred much jealousy involving downright lies, slurs and false allegations, some in the national newspapers, being imprisoned in Libya, kidnapped in Algeria, shot at in Jamaica and Trinidad, shot at in Athens and nearly captured by a bunch of lunatics in Baluchistan. To say nothing of the carryings on in the UK! But I survived and prospered, and I am sure that if you set a good example in your new job all of your present unhappiness will swiftly disappear and you also will prosper both in good name and in wealth.
You should take advice - probably from a criminal law solicitor but try CAB first - to see whether it is possible for this erroneous report to be completely deleted and, if so, what needs to be done. In principle, it is quite wrong if incorrect records cannot be corrected when they have an adverse effect on someone.

Another route you can try is the Information Commissioner, who may be able to advise you.

From what you say, it seems likely that correcting the information will involve the police & may therefore have an effect on your proposed job - depends on the attitude of the police.

As another alternative, you could try your MP.
God, just take the damn job and shut up. No smoke without fire springs to mind, you sound like a bunny boiler to me.
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Thank you Wingnut for understanding where I am coming from. I remember a cop telling me once during all the hassle we were having, that there is now a fine line between the victim of a crime and the perpetrator and much as it pained him, he had to treat them with the same level of respect. It would seem to me that the balance has now swung in favour of the prepetrators when they can get away with whatever they want and make a complete ass of the law. Oh and yes, she has now moved away and is continuing her reign of terror in another area. I was hoping that she would get set up in a grotty little flat in a really rough area but she landed on her feet yet again with a nice little two bedroom, cottage type council house with a huge back garden for all her little ned entourage. Makes you sick when you think of the families stuck in flats and waiting in housing lists who would give their right arm for a nice big house and garden. Makes you wonder.

Mustafatickl - I hear what you are saying and in the grand scheme of things, it seems totally irrelevant when put in perspective with issues at a global level but it matters to me, so it is important to me. I pride myself in my good character and refuse to accept that I can be set up like this and have to explain myself at further interviews.

Reverandfunk - I care,hence the post. It's not just someone calling me names, her lies almost cost me a job.

Themas - I will be looking to seek advice and yes, it may cost me my job but if that's the case then they are not worth working for anyway. Clearing my name means more to me now.

Question Author
Neilzulu - Coming from you, believe me, your comments REALLY do not bother me. I am most certainly not a bunny boiler but one thing is clear from your consistently insulting posts on AB, you seem like a complete halfwit. So no, I won't shut up because you tell me to. If I want to talk on my own post, then I shall. The comments of a bumbling idiot who sporadically posts insults to fellow ABers will not deter me. No smoke without fire? You really are an idiot if you believe that.

Yes, I am a complete nutter - spot on for that observation. I wreaked havoc with my poor innocent neighbour , hands up, it was all my doing. I dragged my heavily pregnant belly down the street with me as I dialled 999 on the poor little lamb who chased me with her charming little friends saying that they were going to kill my unborn child. You are absolutely right, I should have stood still and let them. Oh and when they reversed their car at my young daughter and I , I should not have jumped out of the way, I should have let them enjoy their harmless game of human skittles. Furthermore, how unreasonable of me to complain to the police about my husband being assaulted, my child being threatened with being stabbed , visitors to my house being spat on, having bricks lobbed at them or having my front door urinated on and how unreasonable of me not to allow them to blast loud music day and night. Who needs sleep after all? Not me, nor my kids.

28 neighbours (all of them) signed a petition to take to the police, we had involvement with victim support and regularly liased with our local police station. We were NOT the only neighbours to complain about her - we just bore the brunt of it because we were in closest proximity to her. We can't ALL be wrong. Only a complete idiot would believe that it was my fault. Bunny boiler? Away and boil your head!

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