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Return Of Rented Property

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DarceyK123 | 17:41 Tue 30th Apr 2024 | Law
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MrK has been renting his bachelor pad but now we need it back.

Tenants have not been paying rent so the Agency we use has issued them with notice to quit which they have ignored

They have now booked Ballifs for us but the earliest date is late August.

We can't struggle on much longer with no rent coming in and was wondering if there is a way to speed up the process.

I've seen on some of the TV shows that they *escalate to the High Court* but not sure what this means or how to do it.

Any help appreciated as our Agent doesn't seem to understand the urgency.




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This explains acceleration orders but specifies it can't be used if claiming rent arrears

If the agents have booked bailiffs then they must have had a s.21 court order- but it doesnt look as tho you have got all the paper work ( such as the CCJ)

You escalate the the sheriffs by filling out a form and paying. By god it inflates THEIR bill - but I dont remember they acted any faster

er you are going to have to ask the estate agent


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Thanks Barry, we will not bother with the rent arrears as it's doubtful we will ever get it.  Just need them out ASAP so we can put it on the market as we are still having to pay the BTL mortgage and are already thousands of pounds down.  

I have only really on gone after possession - it boils down to.... if they had the rent they wd have paid it...

( so they dont [have the rent]) - so it not worth going after something you will never get.

You need the court order ( CCJ) in order to send it to their next landlords - sort of 'be afraid, be terribly afraid' sort of thing

Question Author

Thanks PP will ask Agents again tomorrow, but why would anyone escalate to the High Court if it's not quicker? What would we be paying for exactly?

Sorry Darcey I can't answer this but I am so sorry this is happening to you.  What an awful thing to do and causing you such stress.  I hope you can somehow get your rent and more eventually.

Perhaps you could have a word with Citizens Advice.  Hopefully BM will see this and be able to help.  We must keep bumping it especially if we see her on line.

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Thank you Ladybirder, you're very kind, it's just frustrating that people think they can live in your property for nothing! We are hard working, decent people, would never dream of doing this to someone.

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Have spoken to Agent this morning, young girl doesn't know, Manager not in blah blah, so waiting for a call back.

I think you have to find out if the agent has an order for possession. It sounds as tho he may not.

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Return Of Rented Property

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