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"If you were to return the jury summons with a covering letter explaining that your life experiences gave you a very negative view of the police, and therefore thought this would disqualify you – I would think that there is fair chance they would agree."

I doubt they would. I tried just that on behalf of someone who genuinely held views that would make a decision without prejudice almost impossible for him. He still had to attend.

It's fairly easy to secure a postponement (say, for a booked holiday) but you will usually receive a new date within twelve months. However it is very difficult to secure an exemption. They will only do this in "exceptional circumstances". There is nothing particularly exceptional about running a business, being self-employed or a sole-trader. It is unliklely that an exemption will be granted on those grounds alone but even if it does, the exeptions lasts only for twelve months and you may be called again after that time.

I seerved on a jury at the Old Bailey in 1999 and we were excused jury service for ten years (it was a lengthy trial with many gruesome details).

My friend's father was a juror on the Richardson gang "totrture trial" at the Old Bailey. This lasted for about five months in 1967 and all the jurors had 24 hour police protection. After delivering their guilty verdicts the jury members were excused further jury duty for life.

iv done it twice, one was about theft the other drugs, i was always by choice the foreperson, you get a certain satisfaction from it, i did.. some people are scared to.

1. Be old.


2. Be on medication for psychiatric reasons - e.g. depression.

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