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jelly baby | 13:42 Thu 12th May 2022 | Law
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Hi all, could anyone tell me if the judges comments after a trial are made public?
Similarly, is the summing up a matter of public record?


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Yes, you can buy a transcript that will include the summing up and comments.
I thought gor blimey
if you look at Ex 107 - the form you have to fill out -
it looks as though there is a charge...

phew I wondered why I didnt know about this

In terms of press hacks and paper reports - it depends if there are hacks present and whether they file a newspaper report which is printed.
Yes, and can be used as evidence if claiming a mis-trial.
There is a charge, PP, and the price is dependent on the size of the report. It is not cheap.
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Thank you all.

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Judges Comments

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