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Morning All. I Jumped Ship To Octopus Energy A Month Before Utility Point Went Bankrupt. They Said I Owed Them £64.36

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rebelboy | 12:39 Sun 05th Dec 2021 | Law
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I owed them £64.36 and that would be the final DD before joining Octopus. I've just checked my online banking account and Utility Point have taken a further four DD's on the first of Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec. Will cancel the DD with Nationwide tomorrow but does anyone know or can advise me how I go about getting this money back please?


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The DD Guarantee allows you to claim from your bank any invalid payments.
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Seriuosly? That's good news then. Will ask about this tomorrow at NW. Many thanks, Canary.
Am puzzled by this. When did they go bankrupt? If you left a month before how could they keep taking money after they gone bust
I'd also if and when check the switch went through, have octopus took the money each month?
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Thank you bobbinwales. My contract with Utility Point ended at the end of July and my contract with Octopus started 6th August with an up front payment to put me in credit. Further DD's with them have gone out regularly on the 26th of every month.
At the end of my contract with Utility Point they said I owed them £64.36 as my DD's had not been sufficient to pay what energy I'd used. They said they would take the money as a final DD and close my account. About 3 weeks later they went bust. On checking my bank statement this morning I noticed they had continued to take £64.36 on the 1st of every month since. (Sept. Oct. Nov and Dec.)
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Hello bookbinder. This is not relevant in my case as I had no credit. They have just continued to take a DD every month since my account was paid up and supposedly closed. See answer to bobbinwales.
who supplied your power between end of july and 6th august?
Question Author
Many thanks, Buenchico. I'm pretty sure Octopus supplied from 31st July, bednobs.
sorry, i ead 6th august :) it makes no differencento your query [probabaly anyway, just wondered really

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Morning All. I Jumped Ship To Octopus Energy A Month Before Utility Point Went Bankrupt. They Said I Owed Them £64.36

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