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mikecork | 14:59 Mon 27th Sep 2021 | Law
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If a beneficiary of an estate doesn’t want to accept their share of the estate what legal procedure has to be followed by the beneficiary or the executor of the estate?


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This link is purely for some general advice and not an advert.

You need some professional advice.
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Many thanks for the link very useful. I just need to find what wording this disclaimer has to use.
Someone may well come along who knows the wording, good luck.
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Thanks I hope so. Why are wills etc sometimes problematic!!!

they say you need advice ( nb moolah) and I wd accept it and pass it on to someone who wants it

" I give up and refuse the bequest of the last mrs X and her will, that you have informed me about. I realise by signing this letter that I lose forever any rights at all under that will"

Read the final duties page because it is quite obvious they think that you should be accepting and then passing on

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Many thanks that’s very useful.
sweet revenge, after life, mike....
A deed of variation on the will. My sister did this when our mother left the house to both of us but my sister decided to give her half of the house to me. As the executor, I didn't have to do anything.
how frightfully decent SJ - a cousin of mine forced a sale on the siblings and division and then lost it all on the stock market
oops= = =

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Beneficiary Of An Estate

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