I Am In Sheltered Accommodation. There Were 2 Sky Dishes Attached To My Building When I Took It Over

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PaulaArcher | 14:27 Mon 10th May 2021 | Law
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so I asked Sky to installSky Q which was simle because the engineer only had to renew the cables into the flat which only took around 15 minutes. This was about 4 months ago. I am now being told that I shouldn't have Sky, or an aerial for Shortwave listening (A 40 year hobby).
I am Transgender (Male to Female) & I am disabled. I cannot walk far & I needed level access. I had to sign a paper to agree not to use the bath / shower because of my disabilities on the understanding i "might get a wet room later on". I asked when I moved in if I could effect alterations & was told "yes anything"
Because I can't get around very well I need my hobby & a decent selection of Documentary programmes. Otherwise the flat feels like a prison & I get extremely depressed.


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It isn't Anchor Housing, by any chance?
You've posted in 'Law' (without actually asking a specific question). As far as the legal situation is concerned, I don't think that you've got any right to use a Sky dish if the housing association say you shouldn't have one. A similar situation applies with regard to any external short wave antenna. The housing association may find that there hands are tied by the need to have planning permission for more than two TV receiving antennae/dishes on the same building.

From a purely practical viewpoint though, until Sky X arrives in the UK (see here: ), you can't access the full range of Sky services without a dish. However you can get Sky Witnesss, Sky Documentaries, Sky Crime, Sky Arts, Sky Nature, Sky History, Discovery and National Geographic (together with 8 other channels) for £9.99 per month through your internet connection with NOW TV:

As far as short wave listening is concerned, an indoor loop antenna might suit your needs fairly well:
(That suggestion doesn't come about purely from a bit of googling. I used to have a very large collection of QSL cards, from both amateurs and broadcasters, from all over the world. Loop antennas can work remarkably well!)
It's a tricky position and I wish you luck but your probly stuck with the rules of the owners/housing association. Its worth challanging on the basis of what they said when you first asked. They might not make you take it out
BTW, I can see the relavance of disabilty but not your transgender status

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I Am In Sheltered Accommodation. There Were 2 Sky Dishes Attached To My Building When I Took It Over

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