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danhawkes | 20:24 Tue 11th May 2021 | Law
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Hi everyone,

I have recently changed my name via deed poll, but am very confused in regards to updating and sending off my documents. I don't know where to start and who to update first!

The passport office/dvla/bank etc needs to be accompanied by an additional document in my new name such as bank statement, drivers licence, voters card, eu identity card - which I am unable to get due to every other company asking for the same details.

I would like all necessary changes to be completed by the end of the month if its possible?

Could someone please tell me where to start and if possible an order of who I should update first?

Thank you!!


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As long your deed poll was signed by you using your old name (so that the signature on it can be compared to the one that's currently on your bank's records) and independently witnessed, and you attend the bank in person (so that they can then get you to sign in both your old and new names, with a member of the bank's staff present to witness you doing so), there should be no reason why the bank won't accept your name change. e.g.

You should be able to change the name on your driving licence by completing form D1 (available from many Post Office counters or by ordering one here ) and submitting it, together with your deed poll (or a certified copy thereof), together with your current licence to the address shown on the form:
Barsel's link might well be useful in that it tells you who to inform about your change of name but it doesn't actually tell you how to convince them that you have. (It's also worth noting that it's from a commercial company and not from any official source).
doing it all in less than weeks seems ambitious though
// useful in that it tells you who to inform about your change of name but it doesn't actually tell you how to convince them that you have. //

absolutely agree - clerks up and down the country will throw in excuses which dont exist - computer says no - we dont do that ( when they do) - oh no that is not us ( when it is)
plus snigger when you offer something like a passport....
and deny they speak or understand plain English

ay dont understand what you mean by - I have surrendered this document to Messrs Bogwitch ( so I dont have it)

It means I went into messr Boggwitchs with the document and I came out without it because they have kept it

oh is that what you mean

RBS take note

///and you attend the bank in person ///

Becoming increasingly difficult as they keep closing more and more branches - there's none at all left on Hayling Island now.
Took me ages , and I had 10 certified copies as most wanted the original. I did the bank first, had to bring photo ID with my old name, but as the deed poll document shows your original name they can follow the sequence. The most difficult was PayPal it was easier to restart from scratch. I had more trouble when I remarried a year later and my name changed again, I think they suspected I was up to something dodgy.
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Thank you all for your answers!

In regards to the D1 form, its says 'As birth/adoption certificates and UK certificates of naturalisation/registration are not absolute proof of identity, you must also send one other form of identification - Passport/UK birth certificate/EU identity card/SRP/Travel document or BRP.

Referring to INF1D it says 'If your name is different to that shown on your photocard driving licence you must provide identity documents showing a clear link to your current name'

It says you must fill in 'documents enclosed to prove your identity' and/or 'documents enclosed to verify a change of name'

Does this mean I can send my deed poll without any other documentation proving the change of name?

Regarding updating bank details, it states I will need to take the following documents: One government issued document - either current signed passport or EU national identity card or photo drivers licence. One additional supporting document to confirm details - and original bank or credit or building society statement, local authority tax bill for the current year or a utility bill from the last 3 months.

Would these documents have to be in my old or current name?

Many thanks!!
I would have assumed your previous name since you are more likely to have that but Barclays will accept documents in previous or new name.
>>> Does this mean I can send my deed poll without any other documentation proving the change of name?

Almost certainly. You've nothing to lose by trying anyway.

>>> Would these documents have to be in my old or current name?

As an analogy, a married woman who (having chosen to use her husband's surname) was applying for her first passport, would need to provide her birth certificate (showing her 'old' name)and her marriage certificate (to show that she'd changed her name).

You can similarly send proof of your old name, together with your deed poll to prove the change to your new one.

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Brilliant Thank you!

I've done some research and I believe updating HMRC of name change doesn't require any documentation other than possibly a deed poll, but looks like it can be done online without it.

In regards to this, if I was to receive a letter first from HMRC with proof of new name, could this be sent off alongside deed poll and bank statement in current name, as proof of name change to passport office/dvla ect?

It's up to individual organisations to determine what they do, or don't need, to prove a change of name but there should never be a problem in providing more information than is actually needed. If in doubt, send it!

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