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howardhj | 14:04 Thu 22nd Oct 2020 | Law
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Tried setting up an online account for my wife's Premium Bonds as instructed by NS&I. Filled in all the usual questions as requested - Name address, date of birth and then the important one Holder's Number ie as written on the bonds.
Low and behold after clicking continue the message comes up "We can't verify your identity". Tried a second time, same thing.
Can't get anyone on the phone or on chats.
Have I missed something? Can any member suggest what I can try next?


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It would be difficult, I think, for anyone to offer you further help without being either connected to NS&I directly or looking over your shoulder whilst you were doing this.

Did it expand more on why it couldn't verify your identity? Some requested info missing?
The holders number is not the umber on the bonds.
This happened to me last month and I phoned them them. Try phoning first thing in the morning. I had to answer loads of questions then they gave me my holders number so I could access my account. They said if I couldn't have answered the questions correctly, they could still send me the number, but it would have to be in the post. Thankfully I remembered the security questions correctly.
If I remember correctly, the "Holder's Number" is given on the statement they occasionally send you to let you know what your current holding is.
As Aunty has said, it's not the one on your bonds.

I think that the statements are sent when you've won something, and you've elected to have the win added to your current holding.
Then, the new statement gives your new holding.
You only have one holding number that you keep forever. You can withdraw all your funds then the year after buy more bonds all using the same holding number.
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Jim 350 They don't say, only that:
The credit reference agency doesn't have enough information about you to ask the questions
One or more of your answers wasn't correct
You've tried too many times
Howard -its because you put your bond number into the questionnaire instead of your holding number -like I said in my previous post -it happened to me and I got it sorted fairly quickly. Just give them a call tomorrow.
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AuntPollyGrey, No I put the Holder's number in. It appears on every piece of correspondence and bond purchase going back to pre 1970. Our address has changed a few times but the Holder's Number has always been the same.
My sisters had the same problem setting up an online account,she wants to have any winnings converted to bonds.She has now put the request in writing and posted it to them because like you she couldn't get hold of them.
Howard // and then the important one Holder's Number ie as written on the bonds.//

the holding number is NOT written on the bonds.
Just to add if you haven't kept them up to date with address changes then that could be part of your problem.
Are you using 8 numbers followed by a letter. There was a holders number on Premium Bonds, 3 pairs of numbers, whether these were part of the full Bondholder number I cannot remember.
A few years ago NSANDI got rid of the bonds and replaced them with a letter listing all the Bonds held, and send another each time you purchase more. The number you require will be at the top of that letter.
I have found a picture of a bond with 6 numbers
The one they want will look like 123 456 78A

the NSI number has 11 numbers but no letters
Are you confusing your NS&I number with your Bond Number? My NS&I number is 11 digits, my Bond Holder's Number is 8 numbers followed by a letter.
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I suppose I will finish up having to write to NS&I.
Our address must be up to date as my wife is fortunate in recieving prize cheques which are posted to our current address.
Thanks to everyone for your interest and helpful suggestions.
The Holder's Number was written on the Bonds.
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Thanks Canary42, I didn't wish to dispute this fact.
There is no holder's number or name on my premium bonds ....... mind you, they were purchased in 1958 ......... and I have never had a win !

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