Getting Allegations Removed On The Internet.

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Tubbycoates | 22:42 Wed 02nd Sep 2020 | Law
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Without going into all the details, my name is on a website alleging that I assaulted someone.

It is a student website. I didn't realise it was on until recently. I contacted the website and asked them to remove the allegation. They have not responded, so i assume the website is no longer active.

How do I get the article on the website removed please?

Thanks in advance.


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You might contact the college or uni if its a student website, or the website service provider but I doubt you will get anywhere

One method is to track down which company hosts the website and to then contact them to request that the website (or the relevant content on it) is removed. To track down the hosting company, enter the URL of the website here:
That will provide you with the 'dotted quad' IP address of the site (such as Click on that to find out the name of the hosting company and their location. You can then google for their contact details, possibly including the term 'abuse' in your web search.

You can also sometimes find an 'abuse' contact via a 'Whois' search. For URLs ending in '.uk', search here:
For all other URLs, search here:

With the UK leaving the EU (but, during the transition period, still being subject to EU laws and having already signed many EU laws into permanent UK legislation anyway), the situation regarding UK citizens 'right to be forgotten' from Google searches isn't at all clear to me. However, assuming that the right still exists, you can get Google to remove the relevant link (i.e. any including your name, going to the false information) from their search results by using this form:
(Note, however, that the actual content won't disappear; it will simply cease being accessible via a Google search. Note also that, although the search result will disappear from, it will continue to be accessible via and through alternative search engines).
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Thanks for your help.
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Getting Allegations Removed On The Internet.

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