Beating Quarantine Deadline.

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malagabob | 06:03 Thu 03rd Sep 2020 | Law
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We’ve all seen reports of holidaymakers scrambling to get on UK shores before the quarantine deadline via ferries. Arguing the point we were in UK waters. What if you were flying from abroad on a British registered plane. Could you argue you were in the UK, if you missed the deadline by a few minutes, 30 say, or even An hour.


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I don't think you are in UK for this purpose until you pass through border control
It's about time this lockdown was ended completely. We're going to have to live with it. None of this yeh but no but yeh but no but, while the economy staggers and people lose their jobs. Johnson is just power mad and doesn't care about this country. He keeps saying he knows about the problems/difficulties/troubles it will all cause, but we're gonna do it anyway! And up you lot! I'm the Grime Minister and you'll do as I say!
Unfortunately the news report I've been looking for on our local rag's website seems to have disappeared. However you can get the gist of the story from this slightly earlier report:

As you'll see from that report, the ferry from the Hook of Holland to Harwich was due to enter UK waters at around 3am but not dock until 6.30am and, as quarantine regulations were due to come into force at 4am, there was a question mark over whether the passengers on board would be obliged to self-isolate or not.

A later report though (which is the one I can't now find) said that the relevant Government agency had confirmed that it was the time of docking that counted and NOT the time that the ship entered UK waters. (Stena Line then said that rather than cruising slowly overnight, as the ship usually does so that passengers can get a good night's sleep and arrive at a sensible time to start a new day, the vessel would travel at maximum speed throughout its journey in an attempt to dock before 4am).

It seems logical that a similar argument would apply to flights. i.e. it's the time of landing that counts, rather than the time of entry into UK airspace.
And that really sums up one (of the many) stupid aspects of the quarantine nonsense.

I could leave Australia and take 24 hours to get home, landing at 4:01am. Australia gets added to the "dangerous" list that day and I'd be subject to quarantine. I left the "dangerous" country at 4am (UK time) the previous day. Meanwhile someone could leave Paris at 3am and arrive in the UK before 4am. France gets added to the "dangerous" list that day. No quarantine required for them despite their having been in a "dangerous" country for 23 hours longer than me. Ridiculous.

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Beating Quarantine Deadline.

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