Refund Denied By Citalia

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howardhj | 16:06 Mon 31st Aug 2020 | Law
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I booked a Sardinian holiday for June through Citalia and paid fully the amount of just under £2,600 by mid February 2020.
Citalia eventually cancelled the holiday and sent me a credit note for the amount I had paid. I rejected this credit note and asked for my money back. They replied with a load of gaff about what ABTA allowed them to do and advised me that I could not have a refund until January 2021. I once again asked for a refund and had a similar reply.
I then approached my credit card provider on 23 May quoting "section 75" but after hours on the phone and loads of letters and sending supporting evidence all I can get from them is to the effect that they will investigate the matter in due course. Disgraceful or what?
I now would like to send a warning letter Citalia before taking legal action through the small claims court. Does any member have experience or knowledge of what this final warning letter should say?


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Dear ....

I refer to my ongoing dispute with you regarding the refund for my cancelled holiday.
Since you have failed to reach a settlement with me over this matter, I give you notice that it is my intention to take legal action against you in court within the next fourteen days. The cost of this action will be added to my claim.

Yours faithfully
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Thanks Barry1010. That looks good, concise and to the point. I will use it.
Have you had to do this yourself?
If you are threatening to take someone to court, you’ve got to be prepared to do so if you‘ve not got what you want by your deadline. And what if you lose the case? There’s huge stress involved in litigation
I would also add.....

I may also pursue for compensation in line with the Key rights package travel regulations which states ‘ 10. Travellers are also entitled to a price reduction and/or compensation for damages where the travel services are not performed or are improperly performed.’
I've done it twice, never got as far as court but I have guided a friend through the small court process. It is fairly straightforward.

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Refund Denied By Citalia

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