Curiosity - Requirements On Wallaroos

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Justwant6nswers | 17:05 Tue 23rd Oct 2018 | Law
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So I like exotic animals- not to keep but out of curiosity i like to know this. Does anyone know the detonate answer to space requirement of a wallaroo or Bennett's wallaby by uk law? You see the are many different answers that contradict each other.


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a detonate answer might not be what you are after.

Assuming that your queries are legit surely finding out if you could house an animal, the right environment, weather conditions etc.

Then consider whether you are a responsible enough person to look after any animal, you may not be.

Then when you consider how to obtain any animal look at the legalities at that stage.

I would really like a pet Wold/Tiger/Lion but it would really be a crazy idea for me to actually adopt one.

Noah Fence but a detonate answer isn't what you're needing. Haven't I seen something like this before? This question feels like day jaw food to me but then not answering would probably make me a hippocrip, so here goes. They need a lot of room otherwise they might bang into the walls and become coma toast, they might look harmless but looks can be this evening you know? :/
-- answer removed --
Some rather strange animals out there in this world I am learning today.
Kval seems to be reading the same FB posts as me.
There's a whole site full of them Wolf- they absolutely kill me, I was going to do a very long one with escapegoats but I got bored :) x
I'll probably claim coma toast as my own. :-)
I'll claim the Blue Pencilled Invigilator and take it to the RSPCA to put it out of it's misery. :-)

I can't believe my completely innocent post was removed!
Someone is on a spree today Balders and no mistake :/
Hence my post above you. :-(

I'm saying nuffink!
if you wanna keep a wallaroo - you should know once bitten twice shy. Detonate answers are difficult to find- try the RSPCA or NSPCC

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Curiosity - Requirements On Wallaroos

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