Tenants And Ccj's

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catsrcool | 11:15 Fri 29th Dec 2017 | Law
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A lodger who was renting a room at my daughters property has disappeared because he is being pursued by court bailiffs for an outstanding debt.
Will there be a CCJ on the property or is the CCJ in the persons name?
My daughter seems to be paying over the average for car and home insurance and was refused insurance for a mobile phone from Tesco.
So i wondered if there was a connection.
Thanks in advance and happy new year.


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CCJ's are listed against a person, not an address. Even so, your daughter should probably check her credit files to see if she can see any reason for the other things.

You can sign for free to Noddle (for Callcredit), Clearscore (for Equifax) and there may be one for Experian but I'm not sure.
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Thank you
good answer cheeky chops !

there group idea that CCJs sort of stick around like .... on a blanket/
But they are personal
I have used same to persuade shocked parents to get their wayward children to pay their debts.

Nonetheless the innocent parties should answer the door from a window (!) to avoid letting bailiffs in and getting into a " can you prove this is yours or we're taking it" exchange

Bailiffs letters frequently get opened by mistake - complete mistake as in 'I thought it was me' and then it is OK to write to them saying lover-boy has gone elsewhere - I add in that the bailiff companies are obliged by law to keep uptodate records and so they should update them.
chris buen has a good - and if you keep this up, I will screq you for harassment clause which if I can find I will add below
all the companies are obliged by law to do a credit check for £2
experian and equifax have it on their sites but it is well hidden
It is always there somewhere ( as it has to be)
I check mine every two or three years

the harassment clause I add to 'he isnt here stop visiting" letters is

We will both consider any further correspondence from you or the selling on of this alleged debt to others to reflect your intention to pursue a course of conduct amounting to harassment of another which could cause mental anguish alarm and distress and as to try to coerce a payment contrary to the Administration of Justice Act 1979 and Protection from Harassment Act 1997.

adjusted for number and tense
'we' here is landlord and tenant
thanks to Chris Buen.
Happy new year chris !
Experian do it for free now.
hey I ' ll get it now !
it is here

see if you can spot the difference
( credit score and not statutory credit report)
and probably isnt what you or your family want - what is free is a number under a thousand - big is good and low is bad - the one that lovely furry little Moosey in the advert asks ' what doing?'

try to find the stat £2 credit report
( scroll right down) - - and it is here
two quid needed

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Tenants And Ccj's

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