Septic Tank Emptying During Tenancy - Tds Dispute Or Not Bother?

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ripleyferdie | 18:30 Wed 20th Dec 2017 | Law
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I’m just coming out of a 4year house rental. The house has a septic tank. I had it emptied after 2.5 years and then completed the tenancy without having it done again (just over 1.5 yrs later). Nowhere in the tenancy does it state the septic tank needs emptying on completion of the tenancy it says this” 2.6 To pay all water rates taxes and other outgoings payable in respect of the Premises during the tenancy.
The agent are trying to take £265 out of my deposit to pay for the tank emptying. Advice please! Stick it out and let the TDS know there is a dispute or just let them take the money?


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i would be inclined to pay it. that's assuming £265 is a reasonable amount for emptying it
hmm - I think they are trying it on

ask where in the lease it says you have to flush the tank at the end of the lease
Was it emptied for you moving in?
I have always worked on that the house should be left as you found it
Alternatively you could have the tank emptied, we pay less than £100 for ours. Search for tank services in you area and check prices. Here's the one we use, although I realise it might be seen as advertising if I share the link.

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Many thanks all. I think I am going to just pay it. I could go on forever too-ing and fro-ing and I think my peace of mind is more important. I have already said I disagree with it but they are not budging. Many thanks for your thoughts
Crikey! That's expensive! If you are obliged to pay for it to be emptied before you leave, I'd query that.
septic tank should never need emptying they take care of themselves

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Septic Tank Emptying During Tenancy - Tds Dispute Or Not Bother?

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