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Francis Asis | 08:51 Mon 10th Nov 2014 | Law
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Can anyone tell me for absolutely certain.
Can my sister's husband countersign my daughter's passport application?


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Taken from here

not a relative of the applicant (this includes partners, in-laws, and step-parents)
Found this on Government web site, so I would say no he can't.

Who can sign forms and photos
Personal relationship

The countersignatory must:

have known the person applying for at least 2 years
be able to identify the person applying - eg they’re a friend, neighbour or colleague (not just someone who knows them professionally)
They can’t be closely related or involved with the person applying, eg:

related by birth or marriage
be in a relationship or live at the same address as the person applying

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Thank you. I've read all that but I'm still not sure. I read it as by marriage meaning married to you not married to a relative. If you see what I mean.
I think Uncle would be classed as a close relative ? Ask at a Post Office they do a check and send so should know. They may want to charge you though ??
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Ok. Thanks all. I don't think we'll risk it.
My local shop keeper signs ours...
Silly question, is it her first passport or a renewal? Just asking as you don't always need a counter signatory for renewal (as i found out recently). If it does need countersigned, as Ummm says a local shopkeeper can sign.
Local shopkeeper? Who would that be?
Basically its someone who only has to verify the photographs are of the person applying so a shopkeeper (i.e. business owner) can do it.

If its her second passport, she might not need the counter signatory, because the Passport Office look at the new photos against the one on file from the previous Passport and they decide if they need to be countersigned. It happened to me last month, sent off for a renewal, last Passport was back in 1998 (16 years ago) and apparently i haven't changed!!
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Ring the Passport Office. They are very helpful.
Most shop keepers hold a licence (for the sale of alcohol etc)

I've even had mine signed by a landlord of a pub.
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It's her first passport. We've just moved to the area and no one knows us. But I've found someone else now so thanks everyone. Crisis averted.

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