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Getting A Refund Back

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roxie_09 | 21:41 Mon 28th Apr 2014 | Law
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Hi all, apologies if this is in the wrong section, didnt know where else to put it. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about getting a refund back. I booked a wedding reception at the celtic manor in south Wales, and paid deposit and signed contracts, we have since changed our minds (more me) and have conveniently misplaced the tc and cs. We have the contracts and there is nothing regarding the deposit on there and have tried looking online again not being able to find anything
Would be grateful if anyone could help. TIA xxx


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Sorry to hear about your change of heart, no doubt its a very difficult time for you now roxie.

Unfortunately a deposit is rarely refundable. The nature of a deposit is to recompense the owners when a person cancels a booking after agreeing terms. Others will have been turned away and it makes it harder for them to resell those dates now.
I'd be surprised if such a deposit was refundable
Question Author
Thanks for your response maydup.
If thats the case, we may have to try negotiating something as we are not getting married until August 2015. So they have plenty of time to book someone else in. Fingers crossed xx
Do the contracts refer to separate T&Cs ?

Possibly your best bet would be a polite conciliatory enquiry.
In response to your second post, yes that does give you a stronger case, with perhaps a 10% admin fee reduction.
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It mentions the terms and conditions but doesn't specifically say separate (if that makes sense). I think emailing and asking is going to be my only option, just wanted to see if I could find out where we stood. Thanks for the reply x
I had a look and it said you had to talk to your wedding planner-type person, maybe they vary it depending upon circumstances. Good luck and sorry about your change of plans.
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Thank you very much. There is hope yet :-).

No need to be sorry, I want to go abroad to get married. Rome preferably as thats where we got engaged and that for me is more meaningful x
Oh, that's a relief. Maybe you shouldn't tell them that though, maybe need something a bit sad.
Question Author
Haha possibly not. Will have to try and think of something without tempting fate. Maybe just play on not being able to afford it due to unforeseen circumstances x
Whatever your story try to avoid them suggesting they transfer your deposit to a later date. Eg when you have saved up.

How about telling them you need to get married nearer to relatives who can not travel?
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Thats very true. Have to get our thinking caps on. X
you wont get your deposit back.
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Im going to email the hotel and see what they say. When I get a reply I will post it so if anyone else has a similar issue they have some guidance. Im keeping my fingers crossed after reading several things online but also preparing myself in case its bad news. Thanks all xx
the point of a deposit is so that you cant just pull out whenever you feel like it - otherwise what is the point of them?

you can try but you are not entitled to anything.

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Getting A Refund Back

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