Use Of Cctv Thru Spyhole/front Door Of Housing Assoc Flat

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Gawkycrow | 10:48 Sun 23rd Mar 2014 | Law
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I am a lone 62 year old female. I was assaulted by a neighbour (known violent criminal). Went to Court. He got off (the lies he told were beyond belief). I have also had problems with another male with mental health problems. Now my Yale has been superglued. (Met Police came, gave crime ref number then sent a Neighbourhood Police Officer - I asked him if it was legal to put a camera into my front door spyhole - he did not know (my experience of NPO's is that they are very very poor). I have put a motion-detecting spycam into front door spyhole (sound off). This looks at communal area of 4 flats and directly at 2 front doors. Is this legal please or am I infringeing their privacy?


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I was told by the police that my having a cctv viewing a public area was illegal but when a violent assault took place nearby they asked me if it had recorded the event..
Actually I think you can video record anywhere in a public place, You may have noticed that TV news cameramen do this all the time (and broadcast the results of their efforts to the world without asking permission of any of the people caught on camera)otherwise there woud be little TV news.
if you get some verbal from these muppets why not invest in one of these as you already have a computer and you could record what they say, who would think that when you hold a pen and some paper you are recording them
I would do it Gawky
you have more than enough reason to CCTV the area that affects you which is outside your front door on the grounds of personal safety

so put it in and await events.

The rules about CCTVing neighbour hood gardens in an overlap ( it is mainly my garden but some of the neighbours ) have recently been changed so that it is now allowed. All this is civil law by the way

The police wont know as none of them do any civil law at all.

Hey Dr Filth I have been looking for something like a phone or camera which will record sound - any ideas ?

I will stay in and buy the pen almost stat ! thanks

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Use Of Cctv Thru Spyhole/front Door Of Housing Assoc Flat

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