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DavidLC | 21:18 Thu 11th Oct 2012 | Law
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Can a deceased person be stripped of his/her knighthood or other awards such as mbe/obe etc ?


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I don't see why not
I heard/read that a knighthood can't be removed from a deceased person because they don't hold the title once they are dead.
How do you strip a title which no longer exists (i.e. becomes extinct at death) from a person who no longer exists?

Do we rewrite history and try to remove all references to the bestowed honours or will not a footnote highlighting post-mortem disgrace be sufficient to set the record straight?
There is an Honours Forfeiture Committee but "[they exist] to consider cases where an individual’s actions subsequent to their being awarded an honour raise the question of whether they should be allowed to continue to be a holder of the honour." if the person is dead, there is not much they can do about it and as has been implied already, they'd be kept busy otherwise.
That Honours Forfeiture committee must be very busy. They don't seem to have got round to Jeffrey Archer yet.
Do you mean Lord Archer, the ex-con, Sandy ?
I think sandy means the bloke with brown envelopes on railway stations
That's him. The chap with the 'fragrant' wife.
Corby, what you cover is Knights and lesser honours as to the Forfeiture Committee, the PM then taking their recommendation to the Queen - as in Fred the Shed and where the said person would be handled.

Lordships are much tougher to see through - The Crown, as fount of honour, may determine all petitions claiming peerages. The Sovereign upon the Attorney-General's advice can grant the claim or, in contentious matters, send it to the House of Lords, who in turn send it to the Select Committee for Privileges. (The House of Lords appoints 16 peers – including the Chairman of Committees – to the Committee.) Next, the sovereign makes a final decision based upon the Committee for Privileges' recommendation.
If the honour "expires" upon death, is it incorrect to use the title in relation to dead folk?

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