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lainiej | 19:20 Tue 21st Aug 2007 | Civil
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Has anyone heard of a site called 'Mr Cloud'?
I bought a t-shirt on line on 7.8.07 which has yet to arrive despite my sending 2 emails and getting no replys. Despatch is promised within 2-3 working days.
I paid through PayPal so what comeback do I have?
TIA Elaine


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I am another victim who would like to add my presence to the anger at mr cloud.
I payed by WorldPay and have contacted them today
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Hi. I'm not usually one to complain but, having just had a run in with "Mr Cloud", thought I would add my voice to this thread if only to help raise awareness. My package did actually arrive in fairly good time but because of my working hours and my local Royal Mail Delivery office's decision to close at 1.30 instead of 5.30 on weekdays, I arrived on the Saturday morning to find the package had been sent back. That was in June. I Emailed "Craig H" who said that he would let me know when it returned but I heard nowt until I made contact again this morning. After making it clear I had proof the item had not reached me I got my refund back. However despite trying to deal with this as politely as possible (Until reading this thread I had perceived the fault to lie with royal mail but am now not so sure) I was answered with sarcasm and downright rudeness. Unfortunately, according to the customer complaints people nothing can be done as he wasn't verbally abusive, i.e. he didn't swear. I only hope that through people reading this and me forwarding the email thread between myself and "Mr Cloud" to my friends, no-one else will have to deal with this.
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Same situation - he is a massive **** and I will get a refund...good news is as it turns out from the first persons post on here that was very helpful...he does live/is registered at... 5 minutes walk away from my house. So, might pay a visit and ask whats going on.

It is hard to believe that Mr Cloud's website is still running. I had problems with Craig H as well. I was lucky that I got my money back via the credit card company after never receiving the t-shirt I ordered. Craig H never responded to any of my emails. I contacted the trading standards authority but never heard back from them. However the police got in touch with me regarding my dealings with Craig H. According to the officer they were more than keen to see his site shut down but that was a few months ago. Basically don't buy anything from this guy.

I too would like to voice my concern for this individual's business.

I ordered a t-shirt in January and failed to receive it by March. I requested a refund which he paid in full. 3 weeks later I received the shirt.

He is now threatening legal action demanding the money which he refunded to me on the grounds that I falsely claimed I had not received the goods.

At the time of the refund I hadn't and it was only down to his negligence that he sent the goods after depositing a refund.

Does he have any grounds for threatening action when he has simply brought the problem on himself?
I too have been caught out by Mr Cloud. I ordered a T **** 2nd Dec and after many emails Craig said it had been sent? Im still waiting,the money was taken from my account by world pay but I dont have the goods. I have left phone messages and many emails with no answers. Dont use this site! I am currently contacting trading standards.
Hello, I am a representative from I am concerned to find that there are complaints against the website in this thread. We are a legitimate business and we have no intention of defrauding our customers. However there would appear to be some customers in this thread that have not experienced our usual level of customer service.

If you are a customer and you have an outstanding issue please contact us via the contact page on the website. State that you are responding to this post in your reply. Alternatively you can post your order number in this thread and we will try and contact you but if the problem is down to a failure in email communication this may not be possible. Please try and contact us though the website as a first option.

I shall intermittently check this thread, however it should be clear that I have no intention of becoming involved in any arguments or reacting to any abuse. I simply wish to resolve any matters that genuine customers may have.

If you are a genuine customer and you have not received items paid for then you will be either refunded or have the order resent.

Thank you.
Not a single response?
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No not a one - not even from any of your satisfied customers. WHover they might be.
Strange how its only taken you 18months to post a message on this thread. I was lucky in that I managed to get my order - many others were not - is this the way to run a business? I'm no business woman but I would suggest not. I would also think that word of mouth will have got around about your site and hopefully fewer people will be duped
I have no obligation to respond to such threads. Satisfied customers don't tend to cruise around websites spreading praise. I reiterate that no one has come forward and identified themselves as an actual real customer just the same old anonymous criticism.
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I ordered stuff from there about a year and a half ago and had exactly the same treatment as everyone else. Fortunately I used Paypal and after escalating my complaint recieved the money back immediately, despite assertions from "Craig" that the shirts had been sent not once, but twice. As someone else mentioned, it was blamed on a (convenient) postal strike.

Just found this page because they still have the T-shirts I want and was wondering if my experience was a one off. Evidently not.

Perhaps, aside from trading standards, the copyright holders of the images they (claim to) make T-shirts of would be interested in this company?

Posterizing an image doesn't remove the copyright inherent within it (for more information Mr Cloud, try reading through the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1984 and see where you've broken laws outside of trading standards)...
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Wow Demis! Thats fab!
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You know I cant believe this thread has been going for almost 2 years and still this fraudster is 'trading'. I was 'lucky' in that I got my goods. So many people must have lost money for as hasbeen said substandard t-shirts contradicting copyright laws anyway. This criminal needs to be shut down
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