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lainiej | 19:20 Tue 21st Aug 2007 | Civil
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Has anyone heard of a site called 'Mr Cloud'?
I bought a t-shirt on line on 7.8.07 which has yet to arrive despite my sending 2 emails and getting no replys. Despatch is promised within 2-3 working days.
I paid through PayPal so what comeback do I have?
TIA Elaine


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Interesting story regarding Mr.Cloud

� Mr.Cloud is not registered company
� His T-Shirts are unlicensed (illegal)
� Craig Hesmondhalgh profits from stealing other peoples work

I'm a web designer who designed and built (contemporary and kitsch home accessories website) about 4/5 years ago now.

Whilst looking at the google results for our website, we came across Mr.Cloud a "company" run by Craig Hesmondhalgh. I was amazed to find out he had duplicated our entire website and populated it with his own illegal, unlicensed branded t-shirts.

Craig (who also claims to be a Graphic Design Specialist) had forgotten to remove the word iggloo from all the text copy, hence the reason we found him on google.

My company did not pursue legal action at the time (time and cost issues), but it's bugged me that he still trades online, using our designs to front his crappy t-shirt prints.

This is a difficult area to police, the Government hasn't got it's act together and setup a dedicated online consumer fraud site, but with the rise of social networking tools consumers can easily hold guys like Craig accountable and spread the word until he takes his site down.

This guy has seriously upset and ripped off lots and lots of people now, google search is full of people posting complaints about Craig. He seems to spend his time demanding people identify themselves as customers of his before he'll respond to you. Craig - you have no idea at all of what it is to run a business and take money off people. You're attitude is appalling.

I'd completely forgotten about this bloke until today, but I'm even more keen to stop this guy from trading after seeing all the chatter around Mr.Cloud.

I'll be setting up Twitter and Facebook groups soon. I'll post links up here and be in contact with lancaster police.


with regards to Mr Cloud and in reference to Juxtpozed's answer which is 100% correct, this person is a FRAUDSTER and a CHEAT.
I own the licenses for Tee shirts on a number of the brands that he has on hie site, my licenses are DIRECTLY from the owner of the Intellectual Property and I have paid allot of money to do this.

I have tried to buy a couple of the tee shirts however they have not arrived - which from what I hear is the THEY DON'T DELIVER.

The BATFINK and Mr BENN tee shirts that he has on his site, my designer designed specifically for 1 customer and noone else. -

I have since sold it to 2 others but not a distributor, to a direct retailer to the public.


I too am frustrated that this fraudster can continue to trade as the cost of persuing him through the courts to too much money.

you can buy official retro tee shirts @ and rather than wasting your money on these rip offs.

For your info, the licesnes that I hold that he is trading off are
Mr Benn
Roobarb and Custard

I really cannot say this strongly enough - THIS MAN WILL RIP YOU OFF

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