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patbhoy | 13:10 Mon 26th Feb 2018 | Civil
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I purchased a car recently from Evans Halshaw, the car was advertised on Autotrader as having a comprehensive full service history.
Since taking ownership i have discovered that this is not the case.
The car is 42mths old and has covered 29k miles, there is only one stamp in the service book which was carried out at 10k miles back in August 2015.
Were do i stand and what sort of compensation should i look for.
I've done my homework and there is no traceable service history never mind a comprehensive full service history.


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Hi patbhoy

I would go back to the garage and tell them you wish to reject the car for a full refund for the reasons you describe. They may offer you compensation to keep the car but that would be up to you to accept or not. If the car is fault free and running well and they offer a substantial discount you could accept and then have the car serviced. Remember that the lack of service history will affect the value of the car when you sell it on. Best of luck.
This car has used the same engine oil for 2 1/2 years and 19,000 miles. This implies short trips using engine oil thick with sludge and diluted with water and fuel, which doesn't get a chance to evaporate off on short trips. On top of that engine oil degenerates with time, regardless of mileage, so not a good car to buy if you intend to keep it a long time. If you only intend to keep the car for a couple of years I would ask for a decent discount plus a major service done by a franchised dealer; if you intend to keep it for many years I'd reject it and ask for a full refund.
Had you done your homework would you not have asked to see the service manual at the dealership where you made the purchase, viewed the car and test drove it?

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