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ucas points and grades

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nejen | 11:54 Sat 08th Mar 2008 | Jobs & Education
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hi, i was wondering, if a university asks for lets say ABB which is equivalent to 320 ucas points and i actually get AAC which is equivalent to the same amount of points, will this affect the offer as it is not the grades they request but the points are the same?


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It's down to the uni and department in question to decide - there is no rule.
As L O'L states, every university faculty is free to determine its own admissions criteria.

However, most faculties would probably consider results with the same UCAS score as their offer to be acceptable. The obvious exception would be if the 'C' grade was in a subject which formed a core part of the syllabus to be studied at Uni. e.g. if you were hoping to study a subject which involved a great deal of advanced mathematics (which includes many of the sciences), getting a C for your A-level Maths might exclude you from the course.


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ucas points and grades

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