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Strange contract goings on at work???

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carron81 | 11:07 Sat 08th Mar 2008 | Jobs & Education
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I've been in my current job for over a year now. In November last year they asked if I could move to reception for 3 months to cover as the receptionist was moving on to a better job & they were wanting to keep her job open in case she didn't like the new job. So, I was promised it would be 3 months then I would be back to my normal job.

However, at the same time I found out I was pregnant, which I told my work. My 3 months passed and I thought I'd be going back to my normal Sales Admin job. but instead they made up this silly job that has no purpose. Even a 16 year office junior wouldn't do it.

They want to put me back on probation and give me a new contract!!! I've already done my probation a year ago. Also, I'm not wanting to say anything as I've been very stressed and upset and with me being pregnant I'm not wanting to get even more stressed by speaking to my work at the moment.

What would you do? I finish up next week for my maternity and I was hoping to go back after the baby but I really don't think there is a job for me as they have hired someone to do the sales admin job I was doing. I feel like I'm being pushed out and I'm even taking early maternity because of this


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Speak to your HR department if you have one or union rep. You need to check what they are offering you when you come back and find out why the changes.
Good luck
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Thats the problem. Its the HR Director and my branch manager that had a meeting with me to tell me this. So I really don't have anyone to talk to about it.

I've called Citizens Advice and they say that no company can put someone back on probation after you've already passed your probation.

Once my maternity starts I'm going to go in and see Citizens Advice. I just cant bring myself to say anything to my work whilst I'm still there as I think it would be a really awkward place to be if I do
Sounds like they are trying to constructively dismiss you. Definitely get advice off CAB as soon as you can.

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Strange contract goings on at work???

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