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Employment Via Visitors

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Info Bank | 23:00 Fri 07th Mar 2008 | Jobs & Education
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I am fortunate enought to be in a position where i earn a fairly decent wage.
Also in a Situation where i can issue employment to basic Graid workers.
Recently .....However the area where i live has been Flooded with Polish people.
I work for a local authourity.... So paid workers get the Wage advertised.
Said Polish workers get an interview.... During the Interew they state that the job pays �8.90 per hour they will do the same Job for �5.90.
Only due to Council policy They if they are lucky ...And have the Skills.
Do they get offered a job.

Im most certanly no Racest..FACT

But Small Busnesses Bus Companies and so on have taken on the new visitors to my area ...Very many are working for less than the basic rate wage.

My Issue is if New visitors Do this How can we expext our Kids to gain employment..

AGAIN LET ME SAY IM NO RACIST...but some employers love the fact that our visitors will work for Pennies....

How they manage to do this beggers Me...


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is this a question or just a rant?
I am NOT being nasty, malicious nor indeed beligerent nor pedantic here. However, it beats me how Local Authority Workers, earning DECENT salaries are employed when their spelling, grammar and literacy is appalling! In my day, to be employed by the Local Authority, one required 2 'O' Levels, those being in English and Maths ! Is this not the case anymore ? I guess not.

I paid a local tiler to tile my bathroom in one house �750.00 for 2 days work. He made an okay job of it.

I recently paid a Polish Guy �300.00 to tile a whole kitchen AND a bathroom with expertise, the job was MAGNIFICENT and was of TRUE QUALITY WORKMANSHIP. He did this in two days. I dont think �150.00 for a days work is PENNIES. I do however think that �750.00 for two days work and HALF the job is GREEDY !

Even Robin Hood wore a mask !

No Offence Info Bank.

Katie. xx
It's just a rant - needed to be posted on QuestionBank where you post a rant and people have to guess the appropriate question.
Market forces in action - not a lot to be done about this in a free market economy.
Info - play a longer game, buy land and property in Poland while it's cheap.
You may not be racist but you may wish to look up the word xenophobia

You also need to bear in mind that as it is Local Authority policy to promote equality, you opinion flies in the face of a policy you are being paid to promote. If you have used this website at work & logged in, anyone monitoring your usage of the internet or the sites you use will be obliged to report what you've written.
PS if these guys were offering to undercut the offered rate at an official interview you should report it

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Employment Via Visitors

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