HELP!!! I got terrible grades in my GCSEs. I feel sick.What can I do?

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Willow22 | 20:13 Thu 28th Sep 2006 | Jobs & Education
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Hi, can anyone help. I have got myself into a very bad situation. I am 16 years old and due to missing about 4 years of school have only got G grades in my GCSEs (apart from getting a C grade in English) .I wondeed what my options are in terms of going to college? Do they have any courses for people in my situation? If so then what are they (called)? Can anyone tell me a bit about them? and what can someone progress to from these courses?
Also....I have heard they run a few random GCSE subjects (mainly English and maths) at college? please be honest...would doing GCSE courses at college be suitable for someone in my situation? If so then how many subjects and what subjects should I take? and for how long? Also I wouldn't have a clue how to put a timetable of these subjects together (how to link them) etc.... so what can I do about this??(expecially if they are at different colleges) If I got G grades in my GCSEs ....what sort of a grade do you think I'd get at the end of a few 1 yr GCSE course subjects sat at college?please be honest. and what could I progress to after the GCSE courses?
Can anyone out there help me? I feel really frightened about my future and no-one at home will help me.
Does getting G grades mean that I have no future worth living?
Or that I will never get a well-paid job?
please help!!!!!


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Ok. Don't panic. It's not the end of the world and if you are serious about studying you can retake your GCSEs at college. Many colleges take in 16 year olds for retakes now (partly dur to getting more funding for taking on the students but that is by the by).
For most jobs these days you need GCSE maths and English. What job do you want? there may be other routes you can take but it sounds like you want to retake them so go for it. There are many other people in your situation and it may be possible to enrol in a collegethis year if you are quick. Do a search of local colleges and give them a ring. they can advise you.
good luck.
Just as charliebaps said - Don't panic.
Ring your local college and ask for their advice, they'll be more than happy to help.
It is understandable that you feel frightened about you future but i'm sure that once you have spoken to someone at your college you will feel more positive about what your options are.

Good luck
If youve been away from school for about 4 years were you assigned any education worker to assist you? Surely you could stay at your high school for a further year and retake as many GCSEs as you can manage comfortably.
Bless you Willow22!!!! So Ok your GCSE's have not gone as planned but you have a long future ahead of you! Firstly i would consider speaking to your school to see if you can re-sit some of your exams? My friend had a an accident 10 months before the exams and went and did the whole year again.
Also there are plenty of places that do evening courses (see local library for details) for GCSE's plus you local college will also do courses.(give them a call and explain your situation). With you being the age you are you will also find you get some sort of discount.
Alternativly if you want to do something a bit more practical why not look at a NVQ?(see local college for details)
I think that if you want to get some good grades you are going to have to knuckle down and do a year or possibly two hard study to get some good grades behind you...but hey...whats a year out of your life?
Its a shame that you have not got much help at home but ultimately this is your future and you have to get out and work for it. Get on the internet and have a look at local colleges, have a think about what you would like to do as your career. I do advie that it might be a good idea to have a chat with someone you trust ie, a teacher or family firend just so you can get a bit of support. good luck and let us know how you get on!
Hi. Just to let you know i also didn't get good grades at school due to missing a lot of school as i was badly bullied. I wasn't sure what to do either but i decided to redo my gcse's at college. Depending on what you want to do in the long term (which you probably don't actually know at your age!) you will probably need the core GCSE's anyway (ie english, maths and a science). I am so glad i went and redid mine though as i now have 5 above grade c.

If i were you as others have said talk to your local college as soon as possible. I think that most enrolments will have already taken place but you can usually start later if thee are places available. They would be the best to advise you on what is there.

Good luck and hope it all works out for the best.

Hey sweetheart don't worry, i left school with a couple of gcse's but now at the age of 29 i have finally deceided what i want to be and have gone back to night school!

you've all your life ahead of you and i'm sure it will be a good one even if your not in a highly paid job... lifes what you make it not how much money you have....
good luck whatever you deceide xxx
hi willow, im not sure if i can help you, but similar happend to me i left school with 2 grade c's and above, had little help at home, i lived with my grandparents who threw me out not long after, i am now 28, and am an architect, i achieved this alone, with no help from family, starting with a gnvq construction course in college. gnvq's are available in hundreds of subjects, engineering, nursing, science, travel and tourism etc, and start at foundation level, (no gcse's required to enrol) i started on the intermediate level. which you should too. you can also re-take your gcse's which will fit into your timetable, i worked in a local bar to support myself most nights but was well worth the struggle. my so called mates used to tease me back then, and i now earn three times what they do now.
so its not the end of the world, just try to figure out what you want to do, and im sure you'll achieve it, good luck

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HELP!!! I got terrible grades in my GCSEs. I feel sick.What can I do?

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