Employment law for 16yr olds still at school

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ganesh | 19:27 Thu 28th Sep 2006 | Jobs & Education
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Trying out the same question under a different section. My daughter is 16 and wants to be a chef. She will leave school next July and go to catering college next September.She is trying to get a part time week-end and school hols job in a professional kitchen, but some say she can't until she is school-leaving age, some say she can and can do light-work, some say depends on by-laws. Does anyone know for sure? She is keen to get a bit of experience and earn a little money, and wants to know the law before applying to restauarants. Also, how do you reply to replies on this site?


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Sorry me again Ganesh. To reply to someone click post an answer after the last post. If you put the persons name they sometimes look back to their answers .
You answer replies within your own thread by clicking on Post an Answer.

The following link will take you to a page which reiterates the advice you have received and has its own link to enable you to find and contact your Local Education Department... ndTheLaw/ChildrensRights/ChildrensRightsArticl es/fs/en?CONTENT_ID=4002945&chk=AaZA0p
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Thanks oldwoman.I wanted to reply to you anyway.She has got a little unpaid work experience but she would have liked a bash at chopping veg. etc.and get a few quid. She is going to college next year and apparently will be able to work at week-ends then. it just seems daft when most of her friends have week-end jobs inshops and things but she cant because cookings where her interest lies.
I wasnt trying to be awkward. I`ve been in catering all my life. It`s a hard job when your`e a woman, Male ego`s and all that. I taught catering at one point and know what its like trying to get placements. They give out washing up jobs and other menial tasks. I started in a coffee bar when I was 13 , no body bothered about employment law then. Waitressing isnt a bad way to go if she can`t get into a kitchen. Watch the chefs, see how food is presented. I wish her the very best of luck. It can be a satisfying career but also stressful .
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Employment law for 16yr olds still at school

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