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Willow22 | 20:15 Thu 28th Sep 2006 | Jobs & Education
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How many years in University does it take to train to be a lawyer?
How does someone train to be a lawyer??


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4 years to do the law exams....a further 10 years post grad in how to be a lying thieving piece of scum
why not ask your sisters boyfriend? if hes studying to be a lawyer i expect he will know.

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yes reddie....but Im quicker than you coz I am on horseback
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Hi there,
I have just graduated with a law degree so I can help break down the process for you:
An undergraduate law degree is 3 years as standard, optionally 4 years if you take a year abroad somewhere. once you have finished your degree there are then several options depending on what you want. To become a barrister you need to study for a further year on the Bar Vocational Course. To become a solicitor you do a further year on the Legal Practice Course. Alternatively, you can opt to study for a further period (Masters Degree, or PHD).

So technically the answer above that said 4 years is correct. 3 years undergraduate + a further year on the BVC or LPC. You then find employment, where you will undergo training for a further period (but you'll be provisionally qualified)

Hope that helps :)
Best of luck with your plans.
But first you need GCSEs and A levels
ideally you can do the LLB then the LPC to be a solicitor or pupillage to be a barrister (ideally get sponsored by your future employer to do either of these courses because they don't come cheap), but there is also the option of a conversion course if you already have a degree qualification - this should only take a year, rather than the 3 a regular degree will

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Lawyer career

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