is it necessary??

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princessgrif | 22:14 Thu 15th Jun 2006 | Jobs & Education
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I am currently on maternity leave which is due to end mid July. My employer has informed me that the company is going into liquidation and is going to make me redundant which I have no problem with and do not wish to appeal the decision or take matters further. I have only worked there over a year and am therefore expecting no money.I have expressed my views to my employer but yet he insists that it is a necessary procedure that I have to discuss this in a meeting with him and all the other directors which I find very daunting. Is he right, is it really necessary when all I want to do is leave peacefully?


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they are probably covering their own backs. I think they have a right to ask for a meeting with you, after all they are still your employers
They are doing this in case you decide to sue for unfair dismissal in light of your pregnancy.

It is perfectly proper procedure.

Do not feel daunted - you all want the same outcome, and are simply 'going through the motions' to clear the red tape.
Forgot to say - there is nothing stopping you from handing in your notice of resignation, but you would need to be sure how this would affect your maternity pay.
Agree with Ethel. Refer back to my answer to your original question a week ago - they are scared silly you will make an unfair dismissal claim due to your pregnancy and want to follow an exact process. I wouldn't expect it to be a difficult meeting. Take a friend if you prefer.

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