Advantages of Diversity in an Organisation

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Mowbray | 16:08 Mon 15th May 2006 | Jobs & Education
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please can anybody suggest the advantages diversity brings to an organisation.

thanks in advance.


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One answer is that all your eggs are not in one basket. It is a part of risk management. eg as an electrician I am mainly doing domestic installations, I could use the same basic skills, buy a few new tools, maybe retrain a bit, find another supplier and diversify into alarm systems. This will broarden my customer base and the two parts of the business could complement each other, some alarm customers may need some other electric work doing and some elctric customers my need an alarm fitted. When one part of the business is quiet the other may be busy.

It creates a broarder base of skilled workers that would be adapatable to each aspect of the business, and more able to shift roles and tasks to support whichever section demands efficient and urgen attention.

it also offers a company a wider share of the marketplace and therefore increases their profile.

One answer for this is that having a wide range of people (with differing ages, backgrounds, etc.) working in an organisation will mean that the organisation is better able to understand its customers' needs and empathise with these, bearing in mind (and assuming) the diversity of its customers.

You'll be able to find some ideas at:

This concentrates on London, but it will apply wherever you are.

Hope it helps!

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Advantages of Diversity in an Organisation

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