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Would I Still Benefit From The Same Job Package

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Chasingcars | 22:44 Wed 17th Apr 2024 | Jobs & Education
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I am about to apply for a job with a private hospital. One of the benefits is private healthcare along with many others.

However I am coming up to 2 years clear from having breast cancer. All medical cover companies I've spoken to before  won't cover me until I'm 5 years post cancer.

So my question is if I was offered the job would they still be able to include the medical cover part of the package given my history?




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I think you will have to clarify that with the company.  These things always come with terms and conditions and we could only guess.

Most likely the same as taking out cover privately, with pre-existing conditions excluded, at least until the qualifying period is over.

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Yes I did wonder that, my friend suggested that they couldn't not offer the medical element  to the package as that would be then deemed discrimination but I'm really not an expert on these matters!

These healthcare insurance benefits aren't 'one size fits all'. Employers choose what the insurance will cover, some will include psychiatric care and dentistry but others won't, as an example.

Ask for a copy of the inclusions and exclusions of the healthcare

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Would I Still Benefit From The Same Job Package

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