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Do I Call Work And Ask To Go In Tomorrow?

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abbeylee90 | 21:01 Tue 16th Apr 2024 | Jobs & Education
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I was meant to be off tomorrow and had a phone call off my hairdressers to say my hairdresser has come down with a stomach and no appointment until Monday I've secured it for now. Should I ask if I can go in tomorrow and have Monday off instead?



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I wouldn't, I feel you should stick with the original plan. Tomorrow's rota, allocated duties etc, will be made up already. If you have to cancel Monday's appointment, that's just ... tough really. You have been in the job less than a month, so should be aiming to impress - not to want things changed to suit you.

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Or atelast offer to go in as my appointment been cancelled 

Agree with NAC - can you not get an appointment for Saturday or be put on the cancellation list as it usually is a busy day.

Abbey, you're on a probationary period.  If you want to pass your probation you need to be reliable and not appear to value hairdressers' appointments over your job.

Abbey- your job must come first. I'm amazed you even thought of booking a holiday just for a hairdresser visit  after just a few weeks in a new role. I certainly wouldn't start messing them around now. Use weekends for hair, nails etc

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I probably won't get one for Saturday as it a busy day. I was just going to offer to go in as it been cancelled. I didn't work there when it was booked

Work comes first. You must remember that.  Why a hairdresser's appointment should mean time off work absolutely baffles me - it is a very unimportant thing in the scheme of things.  

You fit in hairdresser, nails etc. (if you think they are important) after work.

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I finish at 4.30 so I can't. Nails booked Saturday. Like I said this was booked in February so I gave notice and how I was to know my hairdresser was going to be ill

Abbey, you could offer to go in tomorrow,and that might be appreciated.I wouldn't dream of adding 'And I'd like Monday off to get my hair done'. 

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Or do I go to another hairdressers just this time 

Yeah, cos it's all about you, your hair and your nails.

Get your priorities right, Abbey.  Can one of your friends not do your hair?  Is this for meeting up with your date tomorrow?

Abbey, of course you didn't know your hairdresser was going to be ill - and of course you shouldn't expect a new employer to start changing things, rotas, duties, just to suit you.

Absolutely not, your work must be your priority, especially during these early days of your probation.

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Moore none of my friends are hairdresses and this was booked in February 

You should have changed it as soon a s you were offered the new job.

I'm not sure why when you booked this in February you booked it for a working day at the laundry rather than a thursday or Friday when you were walking the streets pretending you were at work

Abbey/  A lot of young women your age have their friends do their hair and they are not hairdressers - if you are having it cut, then that is a different matter.  

Do you have a college near you?  If so, do they have a hairdressing department?  If they do, then they may be able to fut you in.

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You have to book in advance like they said I probably wouldn't get anything until June if I wanted to go with him.

Moore they can't highlight it.

Might look at having one in town.

Just think how much money you'll save by not having it done. It may be better to wait until June as by then you'll have been paid twice and had chance to repay what you owe your mum

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Do I Call Work And Ask To Go In Tomorrow?

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