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Do I Tell This Job I'm Going In A Forklift Course?

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abbeylee90 | 12:50 Tue 27th Feb 2024 | Jobs & Education
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I got a job interview Friday that prefers a forklift licence but full training is provided and im meant to be going on a course on 25th March 



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It will tell you are keen to be trained in fork lift driving, so yes, tell them.  They will probably prefer you to go on their own course, though they may want to fill the position quickly. Plus, I'm sure your qualifications or lack of such will come up. Let them know now.

If full training is provided, you might not need to go off to do the course on 25th March - but mentioning your place on that would show that you are willing to learn.

So what is the question?  No bottomless brunch on 25th March, is there Abbey? 

Would it be a good idea to pass your driving test first?

Question Author

Smurf there not and what difference does it make what I pass first?

Smurf...a driving licence isn't required.

she'll be going up in the world, and then down. Is the job palletable?

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DTC I can't be dealing with that

@16.10.No a driving licence is not required for a fork-lift training course,but it is highly desirable and a help.Have you had driving lessons ,so you can get a full driving licence abbey?

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Ynna, you know abbey has had some driving lessons.  We all know.   Stop badgering her.

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To top my day off yesterday I got my driving lesson wrong 😫

Oh dear, dear Abbey.

Will you ever have a win?

Or will you be a destined for a life of "OMG, what should I do?"

Do you mean you got the wrong date for the lesson or you "mucked up" the driving?  If the latter, you were probably tired after your day at the laundry?

Question Author

Got the day wrong 

Question Author

Could tell by txt he was annoyed 

Don't you keep a diary, abbey, or put reminders in your phone?

So you didn't turn up? Or did he come to yours but you weren't in. Presumably as it was your mistake you'll have to pay for it still. 

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Do I Tell This Job I'm Going In A Forklift Course?

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